Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I finally made a colonoscopy evaluation appointment for next Friday. Go Me! Ah, the joys of turning 50. (which is exactly how Sheila, the NP phrased it...)

I need to have a long chat with my shoulders. For a while there, things were getting so much better, but I seem to have hit a sinkhole. My right shoulder is happy so long as I keep doing my exercises. My left, even with the exercises, remains achey. Possibly, the fact that I sleep on my sides? Does not help. Not at all. Mornings are interesting. Also, grabbing for doors with my left hand - usually results in more aches when the door proves to be sticky.

I am suffering from a case of "want to go someplace now" syndrome. An adventure? Something different and fun?
Tags: health, life

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