Debbie (debmats) wrote,

No more candy!

I live on a main drag in a very safe neighborhood - safe enough that people come in by the van load from out of town just to trick or treat. It is normal to get 20 kids or more at a time - not just one or two.

I can go through 7 bags of costco size candy in an hour and half. Okay, I usually give more than one piece, but still, that's a lot of candy.

Tonight was no exception - especially as it was Friday night. Saw lots of ninja turtles, hulks, spidermen, princesses, tigers and witches. The unicorn was especially cute as was the cowboy riding his "horse".

Gayle called to say that she was outside and would I come get Kyle so she could park the car somewhere. No parking close by. Grabbed a silly clown from the back seat. No court jester - she'd stayed home with daddy. The clown had a white face with blue diamonds around his eyes and a red nose. Yellow raggedy anne hair capped with a black derby and a springy flower. White shirt with silver suspenders and psychodelic rainbow pants. Huge red shoes which were bigger than mine. *grin* Kyle's costume really reminded me of E.T.'s halloween costume with the wig and hat. Because of the huge shoes, Kyle sorta waddled like E.T. too *grin*

I think this is the first year that Kyle really understood that he could get LOTS of candy by knocking on people's doors. We just went a block down and back. Some people had waaaay too much free time. I was really impressed at all the decorations. One place had a bunch of skeletons having a bbq - a "rat" being cooked on a rotating spit. Glowing skulls. Witches and bats flying overhead. One guy had hooked up a talking skull - he was on the porch and talked through a mic - fascinated lots of the kids!

Speaking of waaay too much time again - the park and recreation department won the group award again. They did an Austin Powers send off. It was very scary. Mike G. did another fantastic job (he was Dorothy one year - picture blue gingham dress, ruby red shoes, braids and huge mustache) as Austin - the blue leisure suit and the hair & teeth. EEEEKKKKKK!!! Foxy Brown (I think that's the character's name) showed up in a clingy gold lame' dress was played by Ahmed - he's a cutie and one lady from the library didn't know "she" was a he until she saw the 'fro under his arms. Ahmed actually won for best female costume *grin*

Human Resources showed up in Enterprise uniforms, complete with communicator pins and tricorders. They had a great skit - poked much fun at the City Council and department heads.

The best male costume was won by Tom from planning. He was "Map Man" dressed in a cardboard box covered with a map of downtown complete with signal lights and stop signs. Gordon showed up in a ski suit and skis.
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