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There is a kidlet in my living room. I hear a video game starting up - Dragon Sentinel, I think. I was supposed to be watching the kidlets while G went to a therapy appointment, but that got nixed when the kidlets got dropped off later than planned at G's. They wanted to spend some time with me, so I picked them up and we had breakfast at Southshore Cafe.

Alani is doing better. She ended up going to Children's to get checked out earlier in the week - bad case of constipation. She's been drinking those "yummy fruit flavored magnesium citrate" drinks the past few days and things seem to be "running" again.

Alani, G and a couple of friends are going girl shopping this afternoon, so Kyle is hanging out here.

Had a lovely dinner with trektone at Barlata's a week ago Wednesday. Hadn't had a chance to get together during the holidays. Enjoyed both the house paella and the Fideua Negra (noodle paella with seafood and squid ink!).

After a stressful (aka pretty bad) day at work, I treated myself to a hot tub evening at Watercourse Way. I need to do this more often.

K is pretty much back to normal. She's done with radiation treatment. Yay! She went down to visit friends in LA to celebrate. She didn't visit the mouse - guess she didn't inherit that gene like I did.
Tags: family, friends, kidlets, restaurants, work

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