Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Things I did in December that I meant to post about...

  • 15th: Had our annual department holiday party with food from Buca Di Beppo's and yummy desserts from Costco (chocolate to die for cake!). Have now convinced some coworkers that eggplant can be delicious. I had won a belgium waffle maker, but mean old Jennifer took it away. *sniff* Besides bottles of Jack Daniels and wine, the one of the most wanted items was the Thomas the Tank Train pez collection.
    I went to see HPatDH1 again.

  • 17-18th: Bribed herefox with Zachary's pizza and then put him to work setting up K's network and trying to rebuild my old pc. On Saturday, we took the kidlets to Dickens Christmas Fair. They especially enjoyed morning tea and had a blast. Alani, with her saved up allowance and faire spending money, picked up an Oberon leather journal with a howling wolf on the cover.

  • 23rd: Joycie and I were up to no good - breakfast out and shopping all morning - Walmart, 99 cent store, and other silly stuff. The kidlets and I ran errands and made a quick visit to Auntie Asako and Uncle Taro's. That evening, the kidlets and I met up with Liz and her sister Karen, and attended Margaret and Kristoph's concert/singalong at High Street Station. Alani & I spent the time working on sewing her owl plushies (me teach sewing? ha!) Kristoph told the audience that during Good King Wenceslaus, the "men" needed to really get into the "manly, king" part. Kyle definitely got into it *g*. Both kidlets enjoyed the evening of music very much!

  • 24th: Took the kids to Southshore Cafe for breakfast. They liked it! Yay! Then we went to the chapel to wish parents/grandparents a Merry Christmas.

  • 25th: As the kidlets spent Christmas Eve with S, the morning didn't start until almost 11am. Once they were home, the stockings and presents were soon opened. Wrapping paper was everywhere. We did the "one person open a gift at a time", so it took a while. Much joy as usual. I got a new camera from Santa! Kyle spent the rest of the afternoon checking out his new ds/wii games. Alani chased around the house with her fox puppet. =)
    Christmas Dinner at the Adachi's. Much better mix of groups this year. Crab!

  • 29th: Jury duty done for another year - they didn't need any jurors that day. YAY!

  • 30th: Tokyo Fish Market was a zoo. Did manage to pick up both hamachi and maguro and all the rest of the oshogatsu stuff.

Tags: christmas, dicken's, friends, jury duty, kidlets, new year's, work

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