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World Con - Day One

Started out the day with a lovely breakfast at Ole's. Alex was all of joy to see his Pecan Waffle *g* Mat had pancakes. Lee & I had the usual omelets. Bacon bacon bacon *g* Did you know that when Alex & Mat get talking about something they're both excited about - it's an amazing sight? All you do is nod cuz they both talk faster then the speed of light and there's no way to get a word in edgewise *grin*

Dropped Lee off at BART (she had to work) and then Alex, Mat & I headed off to World Con. Had to stop at Karen's to pick up other igloo. Next stop - Costco - we had a lovely time. Much munchies thrown into basket for this 5 day event. You'd think that we were off to the wilds of Borneo or something *g*. Muffins, munchies and pecan rolls. LOTS of diet pepsi. veddy veddy important. Then, we stopped by the office because we needed some big serving bowls - all of my big bowls are at work *g*. Storage, ya know. Should have skipped it - when we were unloading the car at the hotel, two of them got broken - one of them was my "not reject" bowl from Karen. (Karen usually gives me her pottery bowl rejects when I beg) Also introduced Alex to See's Candy - mwhahahaha... I bought a 3 pound box of assorted chocolates for the Liaden Lounge and a 2 pound box for our room. Gotta love that 30% employee discount *g*

We arrive at the Fairmont - the bellhop just looked at the packed van - "all that stuff is going in???" Yup. 3 big suitcases (hey - mine had two sleeping bags and my pillow in it!!!) Igloo. Card Table. 3 backpacks full of books. 5 bottles of wine. Food. Two 30 can packs of diet pepsi. More Food. Thermorest pad wrapped in a garbage bag (I was not going to sleep flat on the floor for 4 nights) Checked in and got room 1107 - just far enough from the party room...

Walked down to the convention center and registered. For whatever reason, we all picked the same color name badge holder. Teal blue. Actually, I really like the holders - they've got two zippered pockets in the back - perfect for holding money, id, room keys, cough drops and other little things. Missed opening ceremonies. Missed 4pm panels (wanted to go to 4 of them all at the same time) Wandered around, peeking at the dealers' room. Had no idea where to start. Mat & I decided to head back to the hotel to go through the program and also to help set up the Liaden Lounge. Alex wandered off to find a friend that he was trying to connect with.

Called Elaine and found out the Liaden Lounge was two doors down and around the corner (very important - close but not too close - Klingons and 6 foot skunks, ya know) Unloaded all the stuff that I had brought - table, cooler, food, drinks... Didn't take too long.

Mat & I were going over the program when Alex came back with his long lost friend, Joey Shoji. I had heard of this guy from various filking stuff and had been curious if he was actually related to my cousins-who-have-wacky-sense-of-humor. (Because he fits the humor profile and the same last name.) As far as he knew, he wasn't related to them (which probably is a good thing for him). He was taking Alex out to dinner and graciously included me & Mat. We went to a Chinese restaurant in Milpitas - the kind where they have lots of aquariums filled with fish. He chose a rock cod - brought to our a table, still flip-flapping in a bucket. It was delicious - steamed in ginger and garlic. Had won ton soup, fried rice and steamed rice, prawns with walnuts (paulie's favorite dish), cashew nut chicken and chinese broccoli. YUM. Tummy was very happy.

Joey dropped us back at the hotel, and the three of us spent the rest of the evening going through the program. Of course, we found to our dismay that the panels we wanted to attend were usually all at the same time. Figured that there would be lots of time to hit the dealers' and art room and time to hit Tapestry in Talent (art & wine festival held down the street from the convention)

Went to the 10pm showing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Once More With Feeling" down in the Imperial Ballroom.

I fell asleep first! GO ME!!!

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