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Goddaughter's Wedding =)

Alarm went off at 6am (ugh). J was still out, so I got ready and then had to wake her up. Uh oh. SOS from bride, so we skipped the hotel breakfast and zipped over to Stockton. I chatted with Laura and Wes while she put on her make up. J got DJ dressed in his tux and helped Dave with his bow tie. L & I went out to get her bridal bouquet - which was supposed to be ready at 8am, but the store was closed and nobody was around. Called around to the other store locations and finally got a live person. They contacted somebody to open up, but nobody would be there before 9am. AUGH! We're all supposed to be at the winery at 9an for set up.

Dave said he could pick up the bouquet, so that crisis was avoided - otherwise, I'd have to drive back from the winery to pick up the bouquet.

Drove over to the winery - the winery would not be open for set up until 9am. Got there just a bit before and found the caterers waiting outside the gate. It was quite a line to get in - the caterers cars, my van, Wesley's car, and finally J's van. Ron had made good time considering he had gotten as far was San Ramon and had to turn around as J's dad had forgotten his meds. The decision had been made for Ron to drive up on Sunday with Primo and J's Dad because they had all the flowers except for the bridal bouquet and they hadn't gotten a sitter for Buddy (my other nephew aka the dog).

Emptied out the van and helped with some preliminary set up. Then I drove the bride back to the hotel so she could relax a bit and meet up with Tessa, the photographer. Breakfast was still being served at the hotel, so we picked up some eggs and toast and fruit to go. Tessa was waiting for us, so we headed up to the room. Tessa was going to take pics of the dress as well as the bridal preparations.

J soon arrive with Dee (one of L's other godmothers) - Dee would be styling L's hair. We ended up moving the desk chair into the bathroom (see, it's a good thing it was spacious!). Soon Dee was curling L's hair with J assisting. The bottle of Asti was opened up and we toasted and wished the bride the best of everything. Tessa moved the beds around so she could take pictures of the wedding gown, the veil, the tiara, the ring...

Something old (Grandma Oding's ring), something new (earrings), something borrowed (J's necklace), something blue (garter and jewlery). All bases covered. Yay!

Beautiful Bride *sigh* *sniff*

To the winery! I got to chauffeur the bride. J & Dee followed. L did a quick walk through and then climbed the spiral staircase to the loft area to wait. Jo Ann had set up the cake table with pedestal vases of roses and blue tulle and Christmas lights. Amado had the music ready to go (helps to have a professional dj as an uncle). Buffet table, bar (sodas, Oak Ridge wines and water) and tables all decorated and ready to go. The Chocolate Favors bar was ready to go - instead of making wedding favors, L & D had a build your own - little Chinese take away boxes decorated with a decal that had hearts and read "Laura & David - 12-12-2010". You filled your box with whatever you liked - Ghiradlli chocolates, m'n'm's, jellie bellies, and other yummies.

As L & D had gotten married officially on 12-01-10, this was a blessing ceremony and Grandpa Don would officiate. The wedding party had to come down the spiral staircase (nobody tripped!) and walk down the aisle. Dave's best man and one of the groomsman were his friends. His other groomsmen were Wesley and DJ. Laura's maid of honor was her cousin Melissa, and her other bridesmaids were her cousin Aly and Wendy (who is Dee's daughter and was J's flower girl). I still picture Wendy as that little 6 year old with a sweet smile.

L & D recited the vows they'd written for each other. Then D kissed his bride and the party began!

Country Catering & Special Events, Inc. did a wonderful job - the food was tasty and service was great!

I got to catch up with Nancy, Lisa and Adele. Fun! Did a little dancing and singing along (I was going to try and talk J into singing It's a Miracle...)
Laura and Dave
Laura and Dave
Laura and Dave's Wedding - 12 December 2010

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