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Christmas Tree and goddaughter's wedding prep

So, a week ago Saturday, while Kyle played Radiata Stories, Alani & I went out to find a Christmas tree. We drove over to the tree lot across the freeway from the Coliseum - we've been going to this particular one for years. Alani knew exactly what kind of tree she wanted - a full spruce. She quickly picked a six foot one out and named him Harry. Dropped the tree of at K's and left while K giving the tree a quick trim.

Then Alani & I drove up to Toy Safari to pick up a wee gift for new nephew DJ. As he likes cars, we picked up several matchbox cars, a Transformer car, a Qball and a few packets of car rubberbands.

Back to the apt to drag Kyle away from Radiata Stories. By this time, K had gotten the tree up and had finished signing up online for her ceramics class. Breakfast at Jim's.

Dropped home kidlets and K. Back to the apt to pack the van up for Laura & Dave's wedding. Then off to Joycie's to pack up more stuff for the wedding. Chocolates for the favors bar, poinsettias, boxes, bags and more stuff. Good thing I was driving alone - the van was packed. Joycie's van was going to be packed as was Wesley's car.

Made it up to Lodi in just over an hour. The Hampton Inn and Suites is a very comfy hotel. Nice! Spacious double queen room and big bathroom (and boy would we need that on Sunday) Ended up going to CVS to pick up nylons and a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante and a Coppola Merlot and munchies. I had FORGOTTEN to pack the wine. *sigh*

Chilled in the room. Joycie, Laura and Wesley came by around 9 for a mini send off. Merlot and munchies were consumed and much chatting. Joycie was finally convinced that she would not be needed to dry Laura's hair in the morning nor with make up (as Laura was a licensed esthician!) and that she'd just have to exchange sleeping on the couch with sleeping on a lovely bed in the hotel room. J was truly saddened - NOT! We yakked and giggled and watched It's a Wonderful Life (her favorite movie) for the rest of the evening - and she finished off the merlot all by her lonesome. It had been an extremely stressful couple of weeks for her, and she was out as soon as the movie was over.
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