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Dec. 10th, 2010

Kidlets are finally asleep. Much giggling and all - da usual.

Day started out with an "OMG! Late!" Quick shower, butI made it to my final physical therapy session just 5 minutes late. Shoulders are much better - I can now fasten my bra behind my back without any pain for the most part. What pain I have is in my left shoulder - but that's because I reinjured it not just once, but twice in the last month or so. Brain was confused again as I had an ice pack on my left shoulder and a hot pack on my right.

I will continue doing my exercises until further notice.

Then Joycie picked me up and we dropped off a bunch of stuff to the caterers. Something smelled really good - they had several jobs tonight and a huge one on Saturday for over 600 people.

Next, we stopped by The Oak Ridge Winery for some last minute to-do stuff and a final walk through. Laura is going to be making her entrance down a lighted spiral staircase - it's going to be lovely.

Lunch at a family style restaurant - Dee Dee's.

Checked out where my hotel was in relation to winery. I think what's going to happen is the room is going to be used as the bridal jump off point. Whether I will have roommates or not, remains to be seen. For sure, Sunday morning there will be a bride, her dressers - hair and whatever else (her Auntie Dee and Joycie) and gopher (moi). Haven't heard about other bridesmaids yet.

Back to Alameda with a quick stop at the Ghiradelli outlet just outside of Stockton, and then a stop at the rental place to pick up the "cake table".

Joycie dropped me off and went off to do her million other things on today's to-do list. I picked up the kidlets for their sleepover. Stop at Border's for a book fix, then dinner at Applebee's.

Kyle's replaying Radiata Stories. Alani watched Labyrinthe on my pc. I did 4 loads of laundry.

Time to do my exercises, then I'll color my hair. Joyce had offered to color my hair, but I just looked at her and said "in what universe are you going to find time???" *g* I like using the non-ammonia stuff, but it doesn't last as long as the permanent dye *sigh*

Tomorrow, I think we're going to go pick out a tree, then pick up K for breakfast and then stop by the toy store for a wee gift for my new "nephew", Laura's new stepson. Then I'll load up the van with whatever Joyce needs transporting, and head up to Lodi. I think we're taking Laura out for a mini-bachelorette party.


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