Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Thanksgiving 2010

We had 28 people this year. Including Alani, there were 5 kidlets under the age of 10. Kyle and Brendan no longer qualify for that category - they're both 11 and they had a blast together as usual. Poor Kenji and Michael got ambushed, darted and sat on. Kenji was very much in love with the nerf bazooka. Guess Claudia will have to buy him one for Christmas.

Kyle and Alani made the finger jello and carefully cut them into flowers and stars. They piled it up very carefully, but by the time we got to the house, it had tilted to the side. Didn't matter, by the end of the evening - most of the jello was gone. Lots of hyped up kids though =)

It was very strange - 2pm and only Skip had arrived. Usually at that time, the house is noisy and the kitchen is packed. I heard traffic was bad in both directions. Also? Lots of carpooling. Chris came with his two little ones (Abby had to work) and picked up Patty and Auntie Clara. The Nakatas picked up Auntie Oscar and Uncle Taro. Michael overslept, so the Stockton Shojis and Auntie Nobuko were running late. Just weird.

T'was the usual fare: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice, gravy, char siu, asparagus, shirae, Mexican dip, spinach-artichoke dip, onion dip, raw veggies, teriyaki flank steak, egg rolls, kappa maki, inari sushi, shrimp rolls, spam musubi, ham, duck, chow mein, chili, fresh and canned cranberry, baked yams, finger jello, salami, cheese and spanakopitas. For dessert, there were pumpkin, apple and banana cream pies, rice krispie treats, caramel corn and humongous 4-5 layer chocolate cake from Costco. ("Auntie Debbie, we just HAVE to have this chocolate cake" said Alani while we were in Costco). Oh, and ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate mint. Whipped cream - both freshly whipped and from the can.

Joshua was very shy - but came out of his shell when Alani took his hand and said "come play". He stuck by Alani all day. Grandma Patty was busy running around watching Mikayla. I don't think I got to say more than "Hi and Bye" to Patty. Claudia wants to come with us when we go to Disneyland next summer. Had a long chat with Sharyn as we walked up to Thompson Street and back. Witching hour hit early - no naps for the littlest ones and boy, they were all tuckered out.

It was a very low key celebration this year. All the Aunties are looking just that much more fragile. With all the carpooling and wee kidlets, people were gone by 8:30pm. Clean up was done by 9:30 and I was in bed by 10pm.
Tags: family, thanksgiving

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