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PT first thing this morning. I've noticed little improvements - I can reach back and put my hair in a pony tail without going OUCH and I can fold sheets. Yay! lifting my arm over my head I'm up to 175 degrees on my left side and 170 on my right. Much better. Today I was advanced to yellow band stretches.

Picked up Foxy, then zipped down 101 to Santa Barbara. Lovely autumn day - the drive was uneventful - peaceful even. Got to The Cheshire Cat Inn around 5:45 - we're in Dormouse - a room with a fire place. We're both pyros, ya know.

Dinner at Tupelo Junction Cafe. Cheese hush puppies! Collard greens with bacon. Biscuits with bacon. Mac'N'Cbeese with truffles. Scallops and shrimp with jalapeno cheese grits. Very tasty!

Josh Groban Concert at the Granada! We had seats 11 rows from the stage - pretty nifty. It was 2 hours of fun - a very intimate concert - nothing was really planned - lots of give and take with the audience - he even took requests. The stage was set with "his living room - two couches, coffee table, lamps and a white board" on the left and grand piano, keyboard and lots of guitars in the center and his sound set up on the right.

Concert opened with him napping on the couch, and the keyboardist/accordian player and the guitarist (who played some fancy Spanish guitar solos). Josh sang stuff from his new album and lots of stuff from his older ones. Hidden Away, February Song, Higher Windows, Per Te, Gira Con Me, Broken Vow, Awake... He also did an impromptu but awesome duet/trio with two ladies from the audience for The Prayer. You know how you sort of cringe when somebody unknown comes up? OMG, they blew us away. He played two songs for the encore - an instrumental that he wrote when he was 12 and will be on the album and Neil Diamond's Play Me. Very, very cool!

I had a blast. It was awesome. My SQUEEE meter was on HIGH. Plus, the seats in the row in front of me? The people never showed. Wish I had a better camera, because I could have gotten some great shots.

And there was no program. Okay. I bought the t-shirt. *sigh*


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Nov. 11th, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a fantastic show--wish I could have been there :( Glad you enjoyed it as much as you were anticipating!
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