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Letter received today:
"I am please to tell you that the result of you breast imaging study show no worrisome abnormalities..."

YAY! I passed my mammogram for another year.

Shoulders are still aching - but things are at least moveable =)

As I cancelled my Disneyland trip in December, I decided to treat myself to something else. Josh Groban is putting on some smaller venue concerts - to get ready for his new cd "Illuminations" tour. He's playing at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, the Balboa Theatre in San Diego and the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara. I had heard about these concerts last month, but you had to be a member of the fan club to buy the tickets, so I forgot about it.

Today, on FB, there was post about entering a contest to win tickets and also a link to the various venues. The home page said "sold out", but when I clicked on it, there were tickets available, so I bought two to the Santa Barbara concert. I think I got lucky - as when I went back later on, there were no more tickets available.

I have already told herefox that he's being shanghai'd. =)

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