Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Wimpy, wimpy

I did all my shoulder stretching exercises for the day (5 different stretches - 3 times a day). Go Me!

I am a wimp as far as pain is concerned. So the fact that I did even the ouchy ones (reaching up your back as high as you can and holding it for 5 WHOLE seconds, repeat 10 times per side) gets me an extra GO ME! It does get easier after the first few, but those first few!!!!

Note to self: Left: can reach in back and at least start upwards. Right: can reach the back. geez louise. I can now reach behind my head with both arms - that's a pleasant surprise. Some days, just putting my hair up in a pony tail has been difficult.

This wouldn't be so bad except that it's both shoulders - and now they are aching again. More Advil, please =)

I'm hoping at the end of 6 weeks, that I'll be able to at least fasten my bra in the back without having to tug it to the front, fasten and then tug it back again. Or be able to scratch that dang itch in the middle of my back *g*
Tags: health

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