Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Health, Smoke Alarm and a Free Book

I had my annual mammogram today. Go me!
Somebody in the waiting room was wearing way too much perfume. Blearg.

Then I wandered around the Montclair area of Oakland while I waited for my PT appointment. Did pick up the annual Hallmark "Enterprise" ornament. Now I just need a tree big enough for 20 years of ships.

So, shoulders? I'm working towards frozen shoulders. I've got several exercises to do three times a day to the point of pain to keep what flexability I have and to regain what I've lost. I'll be going to PT for the next 6 weeks. We'll see. Now that I've got an idea of what I should be doing, I'll work on it.

Stopped by the hardware store to pick up a dowel which I need to do at least one of the stretching exercises and a new smoke alarm.

I broke the smoke alarm yesterday morning. I wasn't very awake and I forgot to close the bathroom door when I took a shower, so all the steam went into the hallway and set off the smoke alarm. I wss rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I heard the SCREECH of the alarm. Dripping wet, I rushed, through the apt, grabbed a chair, knocked the plastic container holding a gazillion seed beads off the table, climbed onto the chair, jumped to get the smoke alarm, and then, ripped out the battery and broke it. At least I did not fall off the chair.

The day did not start off well. Stepping on seed beads in your bare feet - OUCH!

And there are STILL seed beads on the floor. They keep appearing - actually, I find them by stepping on them *sigh*

Around 5pm yesterday, I saw on lj that Rachel Caine would be signing books at the Books, Inc. in Palo Alto. Augh! I didn't know - and my copy of Ghost Town was AT HOME.

It was a panel of Rachel Caine, Linda Joy Singleton and Stacey Jay. They all read a short bit from their newest books and answered questions from the audience.

I gave in and went to the signing and bought another copy.

Does anybody on my friends list want a copy of Ghost Town?????
Tags: books, health, life

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