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OVFF 2010 - Afterwards

My bedmate this trip pulled an Alani. The arm came out of nowhere and whapped me! Guess it's better than being kicked? I also woke up to find that I couldn't move because somebody was sleeping on my HAIR. *weg*

Sunday, October 24th:
Met Diney and John for breakfast at Northstar. We yakked for a good hour and half. Then we walked two stores down to Jeni's, but they weren't open until noon, so we sat out in the lovely autumn sun and yakked for another hour. Then we had our ice cream and proceeded to chat for another hour or two. Yay for goat cheese with roasted figs. Coffee time. We walked down the street to Crimson Coffee, drank coffee and chatted for another hour or two. We finally were on the road back to Danville around 6pm. I don't think any of us had planned on chatting that long *weg*

Dinner at O'Charley's. Got to Danville just in time to catch the end of the Packers vs Viking game - Dan & Tammy are diehard Packers fans. Thank goodness they won.

Monday, October 25th:
We were going to have breakfast at Cinnamon Rooster, but it turned out that they were closed on Mondays, so we ended up at Bob Evans. I guess this is a midwestern standard, but it was the first time I'd eaten there. I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time. Thankfully it is not as addicting as fried dill pickles.

There was blackberry cobbler. I wantsed it, I did. (stupid craving from Thursday when I didn't get blueberry pie). Yum. One of the things that I have given myself permission to do, is to order a dessert and just eat part of it and leave the rest. (though usually? I'm with friends who will share the rest of a dessert. This also applies to alcohol)

Took the scenic route back to St. Louis. Did get to meet a nice sheriff on the way. Waited until clsinstl got home and then we went to Meskerem for an injera fix. For future reference, a 12 inch serving of injera is 38-78 grams of carbs. Big difference, but my google-fu doesn't seem to be able to come up with a site which agrees. I've found both listed for a 12 inch serving, so I planned for the worst and it worked out somewhere in between because I also had a small serving of gelato and still came out okay.

Watched the Broadway Concert from The White House and yakked until late.

The tall people had all gone to bed when I realized that I couldn't reach the pull chain to turn off the overhead light. Finally pulled over the ottoman and was able to reach. I was just a bit tired, so it took me a bit to figure that out *weg*

Christopher dropped me off at the airport on the way work. Time for a quick breakfast croissant to Burger King. Slept all the way across country. Guess I must have really been out, as the flight attendent asked me if I had had a lovely nap. *sigh* It was a bit bumpy due to all the bad weather. My flight was SUPPOSED to be a direct one - with a stop at LAX and continuing on to Oakland. Got to LAX and while we waited for them to board the next group of passengers, we were told that the flight was cancelled and that we needed to go down to gate 5 and get on the 1pm flight. GRrrrrrrrrrrr. It was just an hour delay, not a biggy, but it was annoying.

Got into Oakland around 2:20, got my luggage and then waited for G and the kidlets to come get me. (kidlets get out at 3pm). Huggles from kidlets and then I picked up my car and went home.

Home around 4pm.
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