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Alone at last!!! *grin*
Just dropped my friend off at the airport.

Don't get me wrong, I love having friends visit. I love doing things with friends. However, I am primarily a loner who needs lots of private time. Having another person in my space 24/7 makes me crazy (with very few exceptions)

Just got done with an insane 2 weeks. Saw Les Mis for the 8th time on the 23rd with Foxy. I so love that musical. It's always bring on the kleenix *sigh* I find myself singing snatches of it for days.

After Les Mis, I find myself absolutely hyper aka poinging and bouncing around for hours - didn't go to sleep until almost 4am. Rolled out of bed around 9 or so (did I mention thankfully I had the day off?) Foxy thought he was going to have a restful day, but that wasn't to be. We went to Ikea *poing poing poing* Bought a buffet cabinet for the kitchen. It was supposed to go in the hallway, but it was too wide. People already complain about the obstacle course in my apt, but I guess having to climb over a cabinet to get to the kitchen would be a bit much. We then went to Costco for munchies for the weekend. Oh then we hit Mervyns - I broke the chain for my jade necklace *waaaah* and lo and behold - silver was on sale! Got a lovely new necklace for less than $10!!! Picked up laundry. Gads how I hate doing laundry offsite. Thank goodness for wash/dry/fold places.

Back to the apartment for some last minute clean up (no snickering!!!) The Fopard would be arriving around 8 or so for dinner and a sleep over. Alani would be dropped off at 5 for an evening of snuggling with auntie while her mom, dad & kyle went to the ballgame especially to see the fireworks. Foxy & I played ddr while we waited for everyone to arrive. I never thought I'd admit that I'm hooked on a video game? *grin*

Alani arrived *ahhhhsweetie* and she showed auntie how much she loved her pasta dinner by blowing bubbles with it. loverly *g* I had pasta stuff in my hair, but she had it on her face, clothes, the towel I had remembered to put around the couch... *sigh* She loved her plum and apple sauce much better. Heaven help you if you don't get the spoon to her mouth fast enough. Did I mention she has a good set of lungs? *g*

Still waiting for the Fopard to arrive, so while Foxy played DDR, Alani & I shadowed him. She thought it was great fun, bouncing around. Good way to put her to sleep... You know, some kids love to be rocked - this one loves to be bounced. Go figure.

Fopard arrives and it's dinner time for the adults. After much looking at the menu, we call in our order to India Palace. Clerk says it will be ready in 15 minutes. 15 minutes? Ask again. Yes. Yeah right, this restaurant never has an order of this size ready in 15 minutes. We wait 30 minutes before going to pick up the food. It is still not ready. We wait an additional 40 minutes. Alani had been sleeping and woke up in a strange place. She decided to sing. I did mention she has a good set of lungs. I figured she could sing all she wanted to, maybe it would make them bring out our order faster. Food!!

Back at the apt, much food and wine - pakoras, samosas, chicken tikka masala, lamb palak, naan, bhindi masala and much rice. *food fog*

Alani went home. Crashed foxes and leopard in the living room. Me crash.

Prager!!! Wine tasting... yummm. Started the day out slightly late. Had said that we needed to go get breakfast around 8. Guess who was still asleep? I guess Noah drew the short straw and he was to wake me. Noah, being the polite person that he is, tapped on my door. Did I awaken. You've got to be kidding. He tried it again. Nothing.
I finally stumbled out about ten minutes later and asked... why hadn't anybody woken me up? *g* Ah well. He'll learn. Breakfast at Ole's as usual. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Did I mention we like bacon? We made it up to Prager's around 10:35 or so. Good thing we didn't get there at 10 - they weren't ready for visitors yet. They had the patio all set up for a wine tasting party - only no food nor wine was out yet *grin* Muscat Port YUM. Noble Companion YUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM. Sweet Clare, Madeline, cab, *sigh* Definitely an expensive place to stop. Between the 4 of us, we had 3 cases of wine - a case of the muscat port alone.

Next up to Sattui for our usual picnic lunch and more wine. Lots of cheese, salami, and bread. We definitely needed the bread. We had tried 9 ports and wines at Prager's (some more than once) and you don't toss out the stuff. Tried most of the wines in the Reserve Room - the Julian cabernet sauvignon was lovely - brought home a bottle. Muscat, Madeira, yummmm We also went to Grgich Hills for the first time, but didn't find anything to our taste *sigh*

Home again, home again jiggity jig. After a snack and some ddr, Eeyore's taxi service dropped off everybody to their hobbit holes. I went home to do some cleaning (ack more laundry!). Sunday was an A's game with Kyle and some snuggling with both kids afterwards. Monday was more cleaning and work.

Wednesday - dentist appointment *oh joy* and then a stop at work to get a few things done before actually going on vacation even though I was on vacation already. Mish's plane was delayed - her original flight hadn't even taken off before her connecting flight departed. I ended up working until 5 or so, and then went to a laundry mat and did the equivalent of 6 loads of laundry (towels, sheets, etc) Mish's plane got in around 9:45. After a quick dinner at Lyon's, got back to the apt and Mish crashed.

Thursday - off to Golden Gate Park. Tea Garden - actually had tea in the tea house. I can't ever remember doing that. It was a strange feeling - both in the tea house and the souvenir store - supposedly Japanese - but the waitresses were all speaking Chinese and the shop keeper had a Chinese radio station on *grin* Hit the Academy of Sciences - looked at the fishes and rocks and snakes and alligators...

Off to the see the bridge. After taking the scenic route through the Presidio (yes, I really meant to go that way!), we did the walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Weather was cooperating for a change- could actually see the bridge. (When I took Bethany - the fog came down and though we tried several times, never really got a picture of the bridge) Lombard Street. Dropped Mish at the top and met her at the bottom. Then off to Foxy's for dinner.

Dropped Mish off at Foxy's. She got kp duty that evening. I went over to Fremont to pay my respects to Vangie - a person I had worked with for 10 years. She had retired last year, but hadn't been well the entire time and had passed away the Saturday before. *sigh* She had a sly sense of humor and I will miss her.

Was feeling sort of introspective - kind of like I wasn't all there. We watched Hedwig and the lonely inch and then what really helped my mood was playing ddr. Nothing like those endorphins running through your system to make you feel better. Mish played for the first time and now talks about getting a playstationg with a ddr pad and such mwhahahahahahaha...

Friday: Bower Road Trip.
Left the house on time, hit lots of traffic, and didn't pick up Foxy until 12:20 or so oopsy. Maybe a smidge later. Then picked up the Fopard and repacked the car. WAGONS HO!

Made it down to Rainy's around 8pm - we stopped a few times - lunch, potty breaks, driver stretch out back breaks and dinner (Iron Skillet - where Paulie discovered that buffet fried chicken is actually shoe leather) Did I mention I have a lead foot?

Much rejoicing and huggles. Mat arrived. Badger arrived. More hugs. =) Had forgotten to take allergy meds, so sneezing too. Puff seems to know exactly where I'll be sitting and sits close by *g*
Back to the hotel to crash. Mat & I talked until late - Poor Mat, I feel asleep first *weg* zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday morning. Costume madness. OOOOH Houseboy!!! Mat was a sweetie and brought me back breakfast *g* Bagel and cream cheese. yum. Off to Rainy's to be laced up. Enjoy breathing while I still could.

Faire... did I mention we took the scenic route through the dessert?
We got to the faire about 20 minutes after Rainy did. *sigh* But nobody could do anything cuz I had the tickets mahwhahahaha. It was actually cooler than I thought it would be. Much wandering and oohing and aahing... oooh Broon and Moonie... Talked to my glass pusher. He was soo lucky. He had been putting up his display the weekend before and had fallen off his stepladder, onto the display. Display which had lots of nails sticking out and lots of glass... He ended up with 17 stitches and only one glass piece which needed to be fixed. He just missed his eye by a smidge. OUCH. I bought two more small pieces, a square one with lots of color in it and another long piece with the purple green glass I love. Helped Mat choose 3 more pieces and talked Noah into scenic one with some lovely pinkish sky glass. Paulie ended up with two pieces...mwhahahahahaha Just wait until I get Kev there at Santa Barbara faire.

Had fun buying prezzies for people - we really surprised Rainy at one of the potter's booths. Rainy had been poinging over a mouse teapot but she wasn't going to buy it. The rest of conspired over it and gave it to her. Rainy's soo cute when we get her good. "For ME? REALLY???" *poing poing poing poing* *weg*

Back to hotel for showers and then to Rainy's for some delicious Cuban food. My paella was lovely. Would love to have some more right now. Tried a cherry cordial which had lots of cinnamon flavoring...yum... Lots of chatting - but everybody kind of ran of energy. Bed time came fairly early. Mat & I ended up talking again, but I fell asleep first again. Poor Mat. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Brunch was at a lovely little place called Laurent's Cafe (sp?) Ate out on the patio. We had like a corner to ourselves - good thing too cuz there was much laughter and chatter - the eggs benedict was great- Foxy was poinging over his raspberry waffle and the french toast (made from croissants) looked really good. Ah well. Farewells were said and we were back on the road home. Lots of coffee meant lots of stops on the way back. We ended up at Andersen's Pea Soup for lunch. Dropped off the Fopard, then Foxy and then Mish & I were home around 7pm Mish ended up watching Escaflowne. I just crashed.

Monday: Picked up Lee and the three of us went off to the wharf. Ate lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe while the gorillas and elephants danced and sang. Enjoyed the rain storm and the nearby waterfall. Lee was bad in Lark in the Morning. Mish had fun in Ghiradelli's store. The crystal store in Ghiradelli square is gone =( Wandered back to Pier 39 and was really good and didn't buy a single plushie. I almost bought a photogpraph though - there's a new gallery by Peter Lik. Talk about poinging - maybe one of these days. While I was in the gallery poinging, Lee & Mish were watching the sea lions play. Back to the apt. More Escaflowne and Harry Potter.

Tuesday: Off to Carmel. Mish had crashed big time, so we didn't get out of the house until 10:30. Did lots of oohing and ahhing... Mish did buy a necklace at the Monterey Bay Aquarium store. I bought the kiddies a few outfits (wow and that's all I bought!) They have some stone goblets at Rox Arcana... hmmmm... but I was good. We ended up picking up some sandwiches and had lunch down on the beach. I think Mish had forgotten how cold the Pacific Ocean can be *weg*. I so love wading in the ocean. *sigh* Here I was telling Mish not to forget sunscreen and I didn't put enough on. Me slightly fried. We ended up at Bancheros for dinner. Good family style Italian - lots of food and inexpensive for those not in the know. Mish spent the rest of the evening trying to get all her goodies in her suitcase and somehow she managed.

So here I am. In my apt, no guests. DDR is back up in the living room. Bedroom door is open - no more having to hide where I put everything in order to have space in the living room. It's quiet. =) *sigh*
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