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OVFF 2010 - Music!

Checked into the hotel where we could only get a smoking room (I know, I am spoiled), though that was the only downside of the hotel. Everything else was very nice including the free buffet breakfast. Went to Con registration and quickly got our con stuff. =) Next up was dinner at The Skillet where we met up with marmalade_jack. Much yakking occurred. Oh, and as a group? We are prepared for emergencies. Kev managed to stab himself with his con badge when he reached into his pocket. We had kleenix, alcohol swabs and bandages between the five of us. =)

Did find mbumby in her own little closet in the back of the hall =)

Got back to the hotel just in time for the Pegasus Nominees Concert. It was just as cool as last year. batyatoon's Gabriel Gray's Song - I loved hearing it again and I still want a copy of it. s00j did an awesome version of Jordin Kare's Fire in the Sky!!! Oh boy, so many great songs, it was very difficult to choose. I got to hear Ben Newman sing his Dragon For Sale. I still love how Bill Roper played the "dragon" at Consonance. Squees for "A Thousand Ships", "Take It Back" and "I am Stardust" and lots more!

Went up to the room for a bit and yakked. We lost Tammy to sleep, but Kev & I went to check out the late night filking. The main filk room had people just talking and the one filk room that had stuff going on was packed. That seemed to be one of the issues this year - the rooms that had stuff going on were small and quickly packed. Thought about just sitting outside the room - I just want to listen, but then Kev & I just found a couch in the lobby area and yakked.

Saturday, October 23rd:
Happy Birthday to my sister - who is not happy that I'm missing her birthday two years in a row. I think I'm staying home next OVFF.

Breakfast buffet! Yum for hash and waffle! I think everybody had the same idea - buffet closes at 10am, so show up around 9am =) Sleep is very important, ya know! Then we walked over to Starbucks, though the gps told us to go left instead of right.

Checked out the dealers room. Was very bad at Larry Smith's table. Bill Roper was still setting up, so I thought I'd come back later (never did, RATS!). I wanted to pick up the newest S.J. Tucker, Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff's newest and something by Carla Ulbrich as she will be one of the GOH's at Consonance next year and I'm not familiar with her music.


T.J. and Mitch Burnside-Clapp. T.J. sang "Lullaby for a Weary World" - and the audience sang along - lots of gorgeous harmonies - SQUEEEEEE!!!! Yes, it's one of my favorite songs, how did you know? (herefox says that I am totally predictable...) I enjoyed the other songs too - but for life of me, I can't remember them other than Lawn song and the other lullabys. (lullabies?)

kbeader's Listener Concert: Kathy Mar, Char McKay & Kathleen singing lovely. harmonies together! I can't remember which songs went with which concert now. *sigh*

Enjoyed both Partners In K'Rhyme (Randy Hoffman and Kira) and the One Shots!

S.J. Tucker: Fun! I was hoping for Alligator in the House, but perhaps in a circle...

Bedlam Bards: I've heard their stuff over the years, I think on ren faire tapes? And then there was the Browncoat Cd...

Had not eaten since 9am and it was close to 5pm - not good. Bad Debbie. If nothing else, I should have snacked. I get really grouchy when my blood sugar gets low. 5 people who are all feeling wishy washy and no one could decide where and what to eat for dinner. I finally made a command decision and flipped a coin. There. We were going to Katzinger's Deli for dinner. T'was a yummy dinner - though, I just realized I hadn't gotten any pickles that evening. We yakked and yakked. I think John and Kev heard more about diabetes and how to count carbs and stuff than they ever wanted to hear all weekend long.

Quick stop at Starbucks, then time for the Urban Tapestry GOH Concert! YAY!!!! This is the second con that I've gone to just because UT was the GOH. Stalker? Nyah. Everytime I go to their concert, I tell myself I should write the song list, because I won't remember when I do my con post. Oh well. I did like the song they sang for Kathleen. Much giggles over the squirrel song - especially when the squirrel got Walter and knocked him off the stage. *g*

gorgeousgary was kind enough to sing Valancy's Gift for me. I'd read about it in his lj and really liked it. I had hoped to hear it at BaltiCon, but I didn't go this year. Yay! Zenna Henderson's People stories are among my favorites and this song hit it perfectly.

Got to hear Sassafras and pick up their newest CD! Then there was a song I found myself humming, singing along to - I know this song - turns out it was a filk ttto: Perhaps Love. John Denver songs? I know well. Then one of the guys from UFO (Utah Filk something) had a follower ttto: Country Roads. "Take me home, Time Machine..." which I got stuck in my head. Heard more of Ben Newman's songs and also stuff from Cedric of the Bedlam Bards.

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