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OVFF 2010 - Trip Out

Thursday, October 21st:
Early flight out of Oakland. Of course, I was afraid that I'd oversleep, so, I slept badly. Out the door and at K's by 6am and left the van there for G to use.

Had to rent a cart ($3) to get from car to check in (100 feet?). K mentioned "only in the US,
do you have to pay for a cart..." Actually, the carts are free in St. Louis. One back pack,
a suitcase and a 6 bottle wine shipper. Uneventful flights with a change of planes in Phoenix - and I slept most of the way across country.

pezazul picked me up and soon we were driving to Danville, IN to see tammy_g. Stopped at the blue plate special place (Blue Springs?) for an early dinner - this is the place of the foot high pies. They have all kinds of meringue pies, but I wanted a slice of blueberry pie. Nope, it wasn't to be. Dinner was served family style - cole slaw, green beans (I even ate some. Go me!), pickled beets, mashed potatoes and gravy. I got the meat loaf, Kev got the catfish. Dessert - Kev got his coconut cream pie. Me? They had just run out of blueberry pie. Oh well.

Got to Tammy's around 10ish. I thought we'd made really good time until I realized that we lost an hour once we crossed into Indiana. Oh well, we'd get it back on the way home.

Friday, October 22nd:

Breakfast at The Tamale Place. Hot salsa was tasty as was the pork tamale and rice. Met up with undinesprite in Columbus and we had lunch at Mazah Mediterranean Eatery. Good food, good chat and good friends. YAY!


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