Debbie (debmats) wrote,

It's either a really cute ad campaign or it's an extortion attempt *weg*

Got a flyer with coupons for car service from "My Sienna"
"Dear Debbie
Toyota [name withheld] is hosting a special car care event this month... Please call them to schedule me an appointment... You wouldn't want me to get sick would you?

Your Sienna"

Got my flu shot yesterday. NP mentioned "you have nice muscle tone". Considering both shoulders are throwing hissy fits, perhaps that's how they're getting their exercise.

Kidlets are over. G is furiously cleaning house and getting ready for Alani's birthday sleepover party. Kidlets have a 4 day weekend - Columbus Day Holiday + a teachers' work day.

Wine trip to Napa tomorrow with trektone. Stops at Bialle, Prager Port Works and maybe V. Sattui (Xmas shopping!) Not sure where else we're going.

Next weekend, I'm taking the kidlets to Ren Faire. They really want to go. I've been sort of "eh" about going to Faire this fall, not sure why. I think herefox is going to help with the kid herding - Kyle has a friend spending the weekend, so there will be 3 of them. I mentioned it to K, and she hasn't given me an answer yet. Depends on how she's feeling I guess.
Tags: birthday, eeyore ii, kidlets, ren faire

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