Debbie (debmats) wrote,


A's win! This is their first non-losing season in 4 years! Yay!!!

Giants win! I'm okay with that.

I'm glad that Tampa Bay beat out the Yankees. I still haven't forgiven Alex Rodriguez and his "insult" to Dallas Braden, petty as it is.

I am happy that Boston is out.

Hmmm, I got an email to buy Giants Western Division Champions gear, less than two minutes after the game was over. Got it even before I got the notification of the game result.

I will root for the Giants. =)

American League:
Tampa Bay vs Texas: Though ailenalc would probably die of shock, I will root for Texas - it's all about Ron Washington. Go Wash!
Yankees vs Minnesota: Go Yankees

Go Texas!

National League:
Giants vs Atlanta - Go Giants (though I will root for Tim Hudson when he pitches)
Cincinnati vs Phillies: No favorite as of now...

Go Giants!

Texas vs Giants? Go Giants!
Tags: baseball

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