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Carmel and the Mysterious Birthday Plot - Part 2

The bunch of birthday plotters had a yummy brunch at Katy's. There was mention of "biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast on Saturday - so don't order it today" which set my antennae waggling again.

I was threatened with strippers again. This became the buzzword for the weekend.

Spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping in Carmel. There was much evilness in The Cheese Shop where at least 6-7 types of cheese were bought. I know there was a cheddar, stilton and a sheep cheese called Ewephoria...

Then it was down to the beach where I did my usual "oh the wave isn't that big - oh NO, it is!" bit. Water was not too cold - didn't freeze toes off. Joey teased the sea gods by walking down to the water's edge with his shoes on (he didn't show the least bit of reverence) and the gods sent a huge wave that chased him way up the beach *weg*

We did a little bit of switching passengers as I had no idea where we were going. There was much grinning among my friends - I thought I should be very afraid.

We drove south on highway 1, past the Barnyard, past the Highlands Inn to Carmel Highlands. We took a left on Peter Pan Road and drove up a windy, single lane street. There we met up with several lost U-Haul trucks carrying garbage/recyle containers. As it was single lane, we had to back up until we found a place wide enough to let them pass. Oh Joy. I love driving backwards on narrow roads.

We continued up the road until we got to 218 Peter Pan Road, pulled into the driveway and found this! OMG!!! It was a whole HOUSE. My friends had rented a HOUSE on a hill overlooking the OCEAN!


It was absolutely beautiful. Your first sight as you walked in were the floor to ceiling windows with the OCEAN and the sun setting and sky and trees and a swing set and a pagoda and flowers and OMG! Kitcehn to your left, master bedroom to the right, living room straight ahead. Fireplace! A dining room with rosewood table and chairs, a deck with a hot tub and gongs and jasmine and comfy chairs and view of THE OCEAN. You could hear the birds and waves crashing.

Downstairs had 2 bedrooms and a small family room with a sofa sleeper, and kitchenette. Oh, and floor to ceiling windows with views of THE OCEAN!

Did I mention we could see and hear THE OCEAN? *weg*

Somebody had a good time with the balloons and decorations. The leis are still in my car. The rest of the hawaiian rubber duckies and the plastic crabs, lobsters, shells and such are all over my coffee table.

Enjoyed watching the sunset from the deck, diet pepsi in hand and just chilling with my friends.

We started to get dinner ready - well they did, I just supervised =) Plates with all the cheeses, french bread, Hawaiian rolls, salami, chips and onion dip, hummus and lots of wine.

I was looking at the full table when I turned and there was ame_chan!!!!! OMG! More squeeeeeeeeing!!! Laura too! Yay!

Dinner was a joyful, noisy and tasty meal. Carrot cake (no nuts!) and shiny prezzies.

Yak, yak, yak, yak and then "oooh crash" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tags: birthday, carmel, friends

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