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Joey takes Debbie to Reno to Celebrate (aka things I did in August, part 2)

Friday, August 20th, trektone took me up to Reno for an early birthday celebration. The day started out with dim sum brunch at Daimo. Duck jook and black mushrooms with mustard greens and 4 different kinds of dim sum. YUM! The drive up was uneventful - stopped at Ikeda's for a wee break. I picked up a bag of okra fried like chips. Got up to the El Dorado in Reno around 3pm.

Hey! There's a Star Trek slot machine! I saw it a Harrah's and at the Atlantis. I managed to win almost $64 in a single bonus round on a forty cent pull. (20 lines at two cents/line)

Joey went off and left me to gamble the rest of the afternoon away. Friday dinner was *interesting*. The last time we'd gone up to Reno, we had tried a Basque restaurant in the Santa Fe hotel. I enjoyed it and one of the things I wanted to do was to either go back to that restaurant or try a new one. So, we went to Louis' Basque Corner restaurant - about a block from the bowling stadium.

As with the Santa Fe, dnner is served family style. Long tables seat 8 - we were seated with locals: Bob and Camille and their friend Jen and Kiwani's delegates: Woody & Mary and District Governer Jose. This was a table of friendly extroverts. Truly. Lots of chatting - topics ranged from favorite Star Trek series to guess what was going to be served. Not always PC. Bob is a retired army helicopter pilot/mechanic/instructor. Camille is a science teacher/vice principal. Jen is a teacher who is enjoying a sabbatical. Lots of laughter and loud chatter. Was disappointed that the soup was Manhattan clam chowder (it was good though) and not the spicy soup I really liked the last time. The paella was more like a rice pilaf with mussels on top (t'was also good). The roast lamb was delicious!!! Camille ended up pouring wine and lots of tabasco sauce into her bowl of soup. She always eats it this way. Okey dokey. On the suggestion of Bob, Camille & Jen, Joey and I tried dessert their way - cheese dipped in chocolate. I'll stick with either chocolate & ice cream or cheese and fruit in the future.

I played at the Silver Legacy and found a sympathetic double poker machine. 4 aces = $200! I also spent much time playing the penny slots. There is a game called Texas Tea where an armadillo jumps up onto its hind legs and shows its pot belly and chest while shaking its head and wagging its tongue. It's just wrong. *g* Hit over 4000 coins on another penny Monopoly game. Not sure what I hit - and that's the problem. I find myself analyzing the game and trying to figure out WHY and end up putting most of the winnings back.

Saturday, we had breakfast at the Tivoli Gardens in the El Dorado. When you've got a menu that includes Asian food, the chances to get one of my favorite breakfasts are high. I got eggs over medium with corned beef hash and RICE. Much YUM! Joey got a normal breakfast this time - last trip he'd gotten a bowl of oatmeal and a slice of mudslide pie.

Spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon hitting bookstores. Came back with a dozen books, 3 dvds and 2 cds (power ballads of the 80's)

Early dinner at the Fairchild's Oyster Bar in the Silver Legacy. We had oysters and crab. For whatever reasons, I was craving a shrimp and crab louie, so that's what I had for a main course and it was delicious. =)

Much gambling until very late. Didn't lose much, mostly my birthday money from Joey. Decided to go have my duck won ton soup at 2am.

Sunday, we went over to the Atlantis - for brunch and to check out stuff for WorldCon next year. Had a delicious brunch at the Manhattan Deli. Reuben! Latkes! Chopped chicken liver! OOOh, stuffed. =) Gambled for another couple hours. Spent at least an hour trying to figure out the Star Trek machine. $64 payout on a 40 cent wager. Why? How? Then there was the Wizard of Oz machine. Next time.

I was encouraged by the non-smoking gambling areas. There were enough of them that I could play in those areas for the most part.

Thank you Joey! I had a wonderful time!

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