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I actually wrote the next two posts in August, but never posted them.

Way back on August 10th...
When I went to take the car in at lunch to see why the check engine light was on, much to my surprise, it was off! I drove it on the freeway for 15 minutes then drove back via city streets and the light stayed off. Guess it was the gas cap after all.

Tuesday, August 17th, I had lunch with andreal at the British Bankers Club in Menlo Park. I had thought to train down and back, but the schedule has changed and there wasn't a timely train back. Over some tasty fish and chips, we chatted over what's been going on the past year. Yes, we hadn't had lunch in at least year. Actually, checking my calendar, the last time we'd gotten together for lunch was February, 2009. Sad, sad, sad. *sigh*

Thursday, August 19th, Laure and I met Faith at Thanh Long for dinner. Miraculously, I got a parking space right across the street! Woot!

Strange lady (definitely could smell booze on her) was walking up and down the street, pointing her fingers like a gun and "shooting" people. While we were waiting for outside for Faith, the strange lady walked up behind me and stuck in "gun" at the back of my head. Shooting sounds continued. ICK.

Laure & I decided to wait for Faith in the restaurant. Faith, as usual, was running a bit late, and there was fear that we'd lose our reservation. But no! She made it and table was saved! Dinner was lovely - garlic crab and a drunken crab and lots of garlic noodles and chatting. T'was good. I don't think we'd been out to dinner in months. (I just checked. It's been a YEAR *sigh*)


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