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Da weekend...

Friday, I had to go into work as everybody else had beat me to getting the day off. Current requirement is that there be two software group analysts on staff on a given day. Need to be faster in putting in vacation request next time.

Picked up Foxy after work. Traffic was bad and so we didn't get back to my place until 6:40. Picked up pezazul & lilacfairy, and then headed out to Tropix - a Caribbean/Creole restaurant over on Piedmont in Oakland. (Review).

trektone was waiting outside and I dropped everybody off and went off to do that joyful hunt thing called "Parking car in area with no parking". There is a lot across from the restaurant, but they charge lots of $$ and I only park there if I've given up on the search. Friday night + long day + parking gods on vacation meant that I ended up in the lot after 10 minutes of searching. Did I mention I was starving?

Dinner was lovely - we shared a pitcher of delicious sangria and appetizers of fried calamari (very light batter and salted just enough!), fried plantains (more yum) and a mess of greens (collard greens, okra and onions with garlic). Loved the jambalaya. Spicy enough that top of da nose was doing the perspiring thing.

Back to my place for some Casa de Frutta gewurztraminer & a brandy ice wine (good stuff, Joey!) & Just Dessert's Carrot Cake and Lemon Cake. I still hear the Carrot Cake calling my name...

Saturday, Foxy, Kev & I headed down to Carmel for the day. Had brunch at Pernille's and then did the usual window shopping - much ooohing and aahing at a music box/clock place. If Foxy had had a loose $500 to spend, he was all set to buy one of the nifty clocks whose clock face split open to show the design underneath at the top of the hour. Kev too I think. Spent a couple of hours down at the beach, dodging the waves (NOT!) and just enjoying being lazy. Boy did I miss a few waves. I was talking to Foxy with my back to the ocean (NOT A GOOD THING TO DO), and by the look of horror on his face, turned around to get splashed all the way up to mid chest. Drip, drip, drip. Almost got knocked over two or three times. I loved it.

Capped off the day with the One Pine room at WaterCourse Way. Could tell we had gotten a wee bit fried by the ouches when we got into the hot tub. Had burgers for dinner at the Peninsula Grill.

Kev & I had our usual Hobo Breakfast at Velvet Grill this morning. Then I dropped him off at the airport for his flight home. *sniff*. Ah well, he gets a wee break from me as I'll be out to St. Louis next month to torment him *grin*
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