Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Bejewled Blitz

Oh why, oh why did I ever click on the link to bejeweled blitz??????

I was bored Friday night, and I'd been seeing all those high score star medals on my fb page. My cousins were playing, my friends playing and I had resisted until that moment.

It is now 5 days later. I am now at level 16 - Sr. Gemfinder. Do you realize how many games it takes to hit that level??? Most of the people on my fb list are at level 5 or lower.

The highest game I've had is just under 140K

How the heck does pezazul keep getting 400K plus scores???? Is it an iphone quirk?

This is what got me in trouble in Reno too - having to figure out how and why the game works the way it does.
Tags: me

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