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Ike Family Reunion 2010, Part II

Sunday morning breakfast included much french toast. Lots of hugs as people said their good byes and started heading out. Me & the kidlets were staying an extra day and the plan was to go to the water slide park across the street. Brendan was in. So was Gina. Would Kenji?

Kidlets plus Brendan and Patty hung out in our room until Gina and company arrived. Kidlets were ready to go by 11, older cousins weren't ready until noon. Even though Patty and I were not going to be going into the water, we still had to pay, though Patty qualified for senior rates. I could see the clerk thinking about whether to ask Patty for id =) Patty does NOT look 62 at all.

Patty & I found a picnic table in the shade and chilled while Kyle, Alani, Brendan went off with their older cousins, Kenji, Gina and Kevin. We saw the kids for lunch and that was about it. They all had a blast. Thank you Kenji, Gina & Kevin! I think Gina never made it to anything other than the typhoon pool. Alani was feeling a little timid.

Kidlets had a relaxing evening of watching the icky bug and creatures on the discovery channel. Really, I don't want to watch snakes and bugs eat. Ick, ick, ick.

I tried to share a bed with Kyle. He sleeps all over the bed and I got kicked out of bed - literally. I ended up sleeping on the chair & ottoman. I did take all the covers (he'd kicked them off the bed) He wasn't happy come morning when all that was on the bed was the sheets. Ha!

Monday, we had breakfast (more french toast for the kidlets, biscuits and gravy for me). Saw Marie and family on the way out.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble - Kyle got 3 more Naruto books and Alani got the 2nd Fruits Basket omnibus.

Sometime on Sunday, I got attacked by either flea or mosquitos. Bites, bites, bites. Ouch! Itch!

Home safely by 3pm.

In the end, 47 people attended!

FamilyWho attendedCount
GeorgeAuntie Clara, Patty, Brendan, Chris, Abby, Joshua, Mikayla7
MayArthur, Louise2
Nobuko    Auntie Nobuko, Skip, Mich, Miya, Connor, Bruce, Sharyn, Aaron, Aly, Luc, London, Byron, Jennifer, Guy, Flynn, Maeve, Ciana17
AsakoAuntie Asako, Uncle Taro, Phyllis, Eugene, Akemi, Lauren, Claudia, Carlos, Gina, Kenji, Marie, Ken, Kevin, Justin14
ToshioMarcia, Heidi2
SumikoDebbie, Karen, Gayle, Kyle, Alani5

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