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Ike Family Reunion 2010, Part I

Last Thursday, the kidlets sort of slept in. Kyle waited until 8am to get up and play on the PS2. Alani was feeling a little under the weather. Allergies, post nasal drip, cold, coughing? Picked up some cold and allergy meds for her.

Brunch at Kamakura's, then off to Roseville. The trip turned into an ongoing subtraction problem for Alani.
Loop until we get there
    "How far is it????"
    "We need to get off on exit 105. What exit did we just pass?"
    "Exit xx"
    "How many more exits do we have to pass until we get there?"

Checked into the Hilton Garden Inn and then with Claudia. Didn't go to her house as Alani was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER at that point. All she wanted to do is sleep. Picked up stuff for dinner, munchies and ingredients for the Mexican dip at Whole Foods. Went back to the hotel where Alani went to sleep and stayed asleep until morning.

Friday, Alani was still under the weather. Complimentary hot breakfast in the hotel dining area. Kyle made a waffle. Alani too, but she didn't eat any, just a bit of honey dew. Sore throat and "things just don't taste right", poor kidlet.

Who should already be in the dining area? Aaron, Aly, Luc and London! Hugs all around. =)

Kidlets wanted to go swimming, so we went swimming in the hotel pool. Could hear the screams from the Sunsplash water park across the street. Decision was made to go there at some point over the weekend - maybe get some of the cousins to go too.

Met up with Claudia and Gina for a trip to the book store and lunch at Chipotle. Alani did eat some vinegar and salt chips at the house. I put together a Mexican dip. Dang, I left my paella pan there *sigh*

People started to arrive. Auntie Clara & Patty, Skip, Auntie Nobuko, Auntie Oscar and Uncle Taro. Karen & Gayle. Patty & I went over to Brett & Tricia's new place to get Brendan (lots of work needs to be done and their friend/handyman/contractor has a family emergency). B & T were not going to make the reunion because they had to get stuff done before some sort of installation on Monday - painting, ripping out carpet, pulling out 2 of the three toilets... 10 year old Brendan would be staying with Grandma Patty and Bachan Clara for the weekend.

Kyle and Brendan are best buds and usually only see each other on Thanksgiving. They're 10 days apart in age. They are instant insanity together. They have nerf guns. Beware.

More kids! Byron, Jennifer, Guy, Flynn, Maeve and baby Ciana! I still can't imagine flying cross country with 4 kids under the age of 7.

Uncle Taro sprang for pizza!

More cousins! Lots of yakking and munching.

Meanwhile, the younger cousins, led by Brendan, Kyle and the kid next door, Max (?) waited in ambush for cousin Kenji to get home from work. Nerf guns, juggling balls and screeches. Plans to tackle him as soon as he got home. Pooooor Kenji. He's a good kid. =)

Saturday started out with breakfast. More waffles. Lots of hugs as more cousins had shown up during the night.

Most of us headed out to the bowling alley. The tendonitis in my shoulders stopped me from bowling this time. I really need to get it seen to - it's just not getting better on its own. Boy, the technology has improved - not only are there racks in the gutters for the kids, but the racks are bowler specific. The racks only popped up when a "kid" bowled.

Kyle had a turkey the 9/10th frame and ended up with a 132! He and Brendan had a blast together. (East Cost Shojis, LA Shojis, Auntie Clara, Patty, Brendan, Kyle, Alani, Marcia, Heidi, Marie, Justin, Skip, Auntie Nobuko and me)

Quick lunch at Islands. Back to hotel for quick a quick swim and then getting ready for the party. Byron was tossing his kids up in the air when we get down to the pool. (ECS, LAS, Sharyn, Bruce, Skip, Miya, Mich, Connor, kidlets, Brendan, Chris, Abby, Joshua, Mikayla...) The kids zipped between the hot tub and the pool. Lots of screeches!

We met in the Banquet room - family pictures first, then a quick "who is this?" baby picture contest. Our table won with the most correct answers =)

Buffet dinner - chicken, salmon, potatoes, salad, veggies, cheese & crackers, fruits etc.
Carrot cake! Somebody snuck in spam musubi too.

White elephant exchange. Only on steal per item. Marie made hubby Ken steal K's handmade bowl that Marie had won so she could be sure to keep it. Much fighting over K's bowls =)
Sharyn won the basket of the entire X-Files videos (K had replaced them already with dvds). Auntie Nobuko stole it. This should be interesting come Thanksgiving. Will Auntie Nobuko turn into a fan?

K's bowls were a big hit. So were the leather jackets. Other items out there? A coffee maker, an iced tea maker, candlesticks and plastic bangles. I won a bag of stuff: a Ghiradelli coffee mug, two coffee cups from a china set, a melmine Chinese restaurant plate (okay, which klepto auntie stole this one?) and some honey.

Cousin Lauren was the winner of my helms chain maile necklace and the hematite, crystal and jasper bracelet. Maeve made off with the bracelet, but Lauren was wearing the necklace *g*

K & G had brought some of Grandma's photo albums - lots of chatting as people went through them.

Cut Throat bingo closed out the party. Kyle was ecstatic because he had won a $20 game. Big winner was Uncle Taro - $50 blackout winner. (check his card carefully!)
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