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Thursday, July 29th - Sean & I saw Theatreworks's Auctioning the Ainsley's. I really liked it. It had lots of laughter and sadness and just a really good story.

Saturday, July 31st: Carmel
Picked up herefox around between 9:30 and 10. Made it to Carmel and parked at the bottom of the hill as usual. Must have been low in potassium, calf cramp on the way up. ("and you're been skipping your Curves workout!" says the Fox)

Brunch at Little Swiss Cafe. Yum! Will go there again.

Lots of window shopping and wishing. We were bad in the cheese shop. Spicy salami, sour dough bread, aged manchego, stilton, aged ewephoria, roaring 40's (blue cheese), Saint Agur (brie like). Foxy was bad in L'Occitane and Lush. I was just mildly bad in Lush - spent less than $20. Go Me!

Beach was surprisingly crowded - especially as it stayed overcast the entire day. Found a spot away from most of the crowds and recharged. Watched the doggies chase sticks and balls. Kids of all ages dodged the waves - some successful, some not so. *weg* It didn't take as long to acclimate to the water this time, chilly though. I love watching the waves. It calms me and recharges me at the same time.

Finally, turned blue and left around 5pm. Cheese, salami, sour dough bread and other munchies for dinner. Drank a tasty Clos Pegase 2006 Napa Valley Estate Cuvee (red blend).

Sunday, August 1st: Started out with brunch at Jim's.
Drove to Martinez's Campbell Theatre for Avenue Q. Much laughter! We had front row seats (table for 4). Shared the table with an older couple from Sacramento - very pleasant folk who like musicals and are very active in their local rep company.

Dinner at Acapulco.

Tuesday, the check engine light came on. AGAIN!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
As I had just had the last of the air sensors replaced in May, I took the tech's advice and re-did the gas cap and would wait and see. If it stayed on, I'd take it in after the Family Reunion.

Wednesday, August 4th: I telecommuted. K was off, so she had the kidlets in the morning. G is still taking classes at UCSF. She dropped off Alani at her buddy, Sydney's - they were going to the ballgame. Kyle hung out at my place until swim lessons at 1:30. It turned out to be a private swim lesson and teacher Jeff had Kyle swimming LOTS of laps - front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and some butterfly.

Alani & Sydney ended up going to see Cats & Dogs 2. The baseball ticket voucher turned out to be no good for the day. No matter, they had fun. =)

G had tried to explain to me where Sydney lives, and as soon as I heard the address, I knew where it was. Just down the street from my old apt...

Kidlets would be with me until the end of the family reunion. Alani was feeling not so good. G said it was probably allergies, so we decided to give her half a zyrtec. It helped, I think.

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