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Obon and Baseball

Last Friday, after the whole insanity of the morning, the day passed quietly. Alani was all smiles. "I was just feeling grumpy". Understatement of the year. Kidlets watched a movie, went swimming and there was the parental switch over around 5pm. Then I went to bed early.

Saturday, K & I did the usual: breakfast with the kidlets, Farmers Market. G took the kids out to get new shoes and I went a little crazy because nobody could find Kyle's new happi coat. The last time I'd seen it was on the dining room table at K's. Have no idea where it went. So I spent part of Saturday looking for something for Kyle to wear. I finally found one of my old happi coats hanging in the closet - it fit him and life was good.

The people at Marukai lied =) They measured Alani and said she was length 120-125 cm. The yukatas in the store are all wrapped up and basted shut, so you can't try them on. Once we got home, I put the yukata on Alani. Oy, way above the ankles. I took out the basting which was keeping the "overlap" (so that you can allow for growth) and the yukata was just barely long enough. No room to grow. I did a lot of ironing last week.

Went to church for the Obon Festival. Wanted to dance especially because this is Auntie Yoshi's hatsubon. Other people to remember: Sean's dad, Joey's mom, and Mom Burns

Kidlets loved their udon. Chatted with people we only see once or twice a year. Listened to the San Leandro (Eden?) Taiko group. Mrs. Terao & Mrs. Akiyama got Alani dressed in a snap.

Took a couple pictures of kids and that was pretty much the last time we saw Alani. She ran off with some of the girls she'd met at Obon practice. Kyle spent most of the evening smacking me in the back with his fan or towel or hands - partially because it was a packed circle and partially because he was having fun. It didn't help that K was telling him to pass a smack or two along.

No intermission this year - fewer dances. We were done by 8:30. More chatting over the traditional after dance snack - hot dogs and chips. One of my old friends commented "it's just not the same without the hot dog to end the evening". Thankfully, they'd run out of donuts before the dance ended. Darn. Things could have been worse *g* We gathered the tired kidlets and went home.

Sunday, I walked up to Park Street for the Art & Wine Fair. I did buy a fused glass firefly earring and pendant set. It's shiny! Picked up my meds and got my walk in. Go me!

K's friend had a box at the A's game and invited us to the game. The last time I watched a game from a box was Kyle's 5th birthday.
A's beat the White Sox 6-4!
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