Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Kidlets had a sleep over last night. Much giggling until midnight, I think. Between the two of them, they killed an entire package of mini croissants for a *snack* last night. All that dancing I guess...

"Rushed home" from work yesterday - but traffic was bad. Picked up the kidlets for the first of two Obon practices. Hey! There are MORE NEW DANCES plus there's even a new kachi kachi dance. AUGH! Thank goodness for Tanko bushi.

Kidlets had to deal with the evil, tired, hungry auntie monster. They survived - but they occupied themselves QUIETLY and watched a movie afterwards. Once they crawled in bed however... *sigh*

Waffles and crispy bacon for brunch this morning. I'll have to figure out something for a late lunch. There might even be swimming, but it's not very hot today. We'll see.

Monday night, herefox and I went to Zucca's to belatedly celebrate his birthday. Manchego cheese with apples and toasted nuts, pita and hummus, caesar salad and seafood linguini for me, artichoke appetizer and sausage pasta for Foxy. Glasses of Tempranillo and Gremona wines. Dulwhinnie whiskey for the birthday boy. Spumoni and a lemoncello mousse for dessert. Owner & waiter (his son) sang happy birthday *g*
Tags: birthday, friends, kidlets

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