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Family Vacation - Part III

Wednesday, we packed up the car, then had brunch at IHOP. Downtown Disney for a bit of shopping.

We drove to Irvine for a visit with the Yasui's. Kidlets had a blast with Maddie (5), Lizzie (3) and Joe (1). Joe-Joe was a little under the weather, poor tyke. He also had a healing bruise on his forehead. He's walking all over the place, but hasn't quite mastered the art of breaking his fall. Ouch! Had a nice chat with Pam, Sy, Kim and Kaz.

Pam gave G a religious self help book - after 46 years, she means well, but doesn't get that half the family is quite happy to be Buddhist. *sigh*

Back to Lorie's =)

Thursday, we went to Marukai to pick up a new yukata for Alani. Lunch at Kotohiro Noodles. Our server was charmed by the kidlets, especially our little gentleman =) Pizza for dinner with K's friend Mai (aka Dr. Frankenstein by the kids)

I'm sort of hooked on Iron Chef. I may need to get a new cable converter so I can watch it. hmmmmm...

Friday, we saw Sorcerer's Apprentice. The kidlets liked it, me too. The geeky main character was familiar. Turns out he was Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon. Dinner at Yama's.

Drive home on Saturday. Alani threw a hooey because she couldn't have ice cream at Iron Skillet. It was an accumulation of things I think. She'd not been away from G and she was all out of spoons. Life was better after a quick chat with Mama. Home around 4:30pm.

I made it back to my apt around 5:30! HOME!
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