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Tuesday, we slept in a bit as CA Adventure wouldn't open until 10am.

Alani had chocolate milk for breakfast (me too!). Waffles! Bacon! Kyle discovered orange/passion fruit/some other fruit juice do it yourself mix. Yummy?

I had realized at Phantasmic Monday night, that my phone was missing. It had probably fallen off when I tripped getting off the Thunder Mountain ride - that ride is out to get me. Went back to the ride after Phantasmic, but no phone. I filed a lost form at City Hall. For some reason, I wasn't too freaked out about it.

7:30 - Tuesday morning, I got a phone from Lost & Found that they'd found my phone and to pick it up at any time. YAY!!!

Got to CA Adventure just after 9:30. Went over to Grizzley Peak to get our fastpass for that 9pm World of Colors show. Kyle and I went off to CA Screaming while Alani & K went back to Disneyland to ride *her* rides. Kyle & I rode Tower of Terror, the Drop ride twice (no waiting), Mulholland Drive twice, CA Screaming (late in opening) - UGH.

Met up with K & Alani around 1pm. Lunch at Rainforest Cafe. Alani & I went to Build-A-Bear for her vacation prezzie. She now has a black lab named Bobo along with a dog house, and puppy. Kyle & K went to the Legos store where Kyle picked out his vacation prezzie. More Star Wars stuff!

Back to the hotel for a swim break. It was HOT and HUMID. ick! Back to Disneyland around 5pm. Have no memory of what we rode. I did NOT ride Star Tours this trip. YAY! Back to CA Adventure - quick trip through the tortilla display. Fresh, hot corn torillas - YUM! Both kids like the tortilla and bread shows now. Got our spot for the World of Colors show. 90 minute wait. We were in the very front area of the pier. We had been warned that we'd get wet. Just how wet could we get??? Right.

Pre-show - red Sebastian, blue Genie, orange Tigger, green Mike. I think there was one more, but my brain is dead. Lots of noise making =)

The show itself was cool! Dancing waters, laser show projected on mist screens. Music! SHINY! We'd been misted the entire time, so we figured that was the getting wet part. NOPE. Towards the end of the show, there was the demon from Fantasia - Legend of Bald Mountain???. Spouts of fire (it did get warm) and then there was stuff from Lion King and Scar made an appearrance and then *SPLASH*. I have no idea what happened other than I was totally soaked. Like being on the wrong end of a fire hose? bottom of the waterfall? Much screaming. K was videotaping and all you see is the camera suddenly pointing to the ground while she attempts to keep it dry. Alani was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. After the show, we all went back to the hotel. She changed into her pajamas, had some rice and water and few sour balls for snack and then went to bed. K & Kyle had some leftovers (courtesy of Auntie Hey) and went back out.
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