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I need a vacation from my vacation...

HOME home home HOME!

A week ago Saturday, K & I drove down to L.A. - it was an uneventful trip - just the two of us, no stress. Left around 9:30am, stops at Santa Nella, and Iron Skillet. Made it to Monterey Park by 4pm. Dinner with Lorie and Sy at an Italian restaurant. Lots of yakking.

Picked up the kidlets from Aaron & Aly's on Sunday. Kids had a blast - sleep over with cousins Luc(5) and London(2). Aaron and Kyle finally got their promised tennis game, except they had to give up when a sudden rain storm swept through the area. Maybe a rematch at the family reunion next month.

A visit with Auntie Hey and Uncle Mits in Gardena. Joined by Marcia & Wayne, Jesse, Heidi and Darrin, Satmoni, Joey, Scotty and Akemi. Aaron and family came by later too. Good for all the little cousins to get to know each other. There was much food as usual =)

Checked into Park Vue Inn. Picked up our tickets - no long waits this trip. Alani was still hungry, so she and I had a quick snack up at ol'Macdonald's. Alani & I were roommates this trip; Kyle and K had their own room. Watched the 9:30pm fireworks from the hotel room.

Up and out of the hotel by 7:30am. The hotel was now offering hot breakfasts - eggs, bacon, ham, fruit, make your own waffles (a big hit!), pancakes, cereals, toast, bagels and donuts. Made it to Disneyland just after opening. Basically, we could just walk on to Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain (twice!), Splash Mountain and Pirates. Kyle & K re-rode Splash Mountain while Alani & I rode Winnie the Pooh. Alani & I did the Jungle Cruise and Tarzan's Treehouse while K & Kyle did the Indiana Jones ride.

Afternoon break - late lunch at IHOP, followed by a swim. CA Adventure. Soaring Over CA, Tower of Terror, K & Kyle did CA Screaming while Alani & I did the giant ferris wheel. We rode on the NON-Swinging gondola. Once in a swinging gondola was enough for me.

Back to Disneyland - Space Mountain again. Thunder Mountain - Alani's new favorite ride. Hot dogs at the Carnation Cafe. Phantasmic at 10pm. Alani & I headed back to the hotel - she was out of gas. In bed and out instantly. Kyle & K stayed out later.
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