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It's a foggy morning. Peaceful =)
No work today... or next week - VACATION!

G made it home safely from SF yesterday - a bit later than usual. Public transit was packed as people left work early after the BART murder verdict was announced. G handled both the stress and the crowds - Go G!

K's work was on high alert, and she had to stay at work until at least 7pm - if needed, she was going to to have to work longer. She was supposed to go to a Taiko practice at 7 - they've got a performance coming up - don't know if she made it.

I have to get laundry done - and I can't find my laundry card (must have pre-paid card to use the machines on site). May have to drag stuff out to the laundrymat *sigh*

K & I will drive down to LA on Saturday.

Kidlets are already down in LA. They're staying with friends at a house 4 blocks from the beach. Cousins Aaron & Aly will pick them up on Saturday for more beach fun and more cousins (Luc and London) and a sleepover. With bunnies! Alani will be on cloud 9. K & I will pick them up Sunday morning and then go visit Auntie Hey and Uncle Mits and maybe see some other relatives.

Da MOUSE on Monday & Tuesday =) Visiting with Dad's side of the family on Wednesday. Don't know what else is going on except for maybe a quick visit to Little Tokyo (still need a BLUE yukata in a size 45 for Alani). Heading back home on Saturday.



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Jul. 10th, 2010 12:30 pm (UTC)
Good news all around! I'm trying not to be jealous, but just glad that you get to see Da Mouse. Please hug him from me! I miss that more than any other part of California! Maybe next year the house will stop gobbling every possible dime and let me put something aside for a vacation....yeah, maybe....
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