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An Adventure in Public Transit

I'm way behind on lj, but will post catch up later.

This morning, it's an ADVENTURE IN PUBLIC TRANSIT or G Gets Lost in a Paper Bag...

G has a 3 week session up at UCSF. She does not like driving in SF nor is parking cheap and she gets lost very easily, so, she's planning on taking public transit. HOWEVER, G does not like public transit and sort of freaks out of having to get from point A to point B and really does not need the added stress/anxiety.

So, today, she, the kidlets and I are doing a practice run. Alani has never ridden public transit at all. She's excited! Kyle did when he was small as S would take him places via BART (or actually just ride BART for fun). This may be a case of the blind leading the blind, as I only have ridden MUNI a few times.

We will take the O transbay bus to the San Francisco terminal, walk to the Embarcadero Station and from there catch the N-Judah Muni to UCSF - and make it home again.

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