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And the saga continues...

pezazul got in Wednesday night. Yay!!! Ended up at India Palace for dinner and then we both crashed early on.

Thursday, Kev & I went down to Fisherman's Wharf and played tourist all day. Hit Ghiradelli Square, the Cannery and Pier 39 - did much window shopping and accomplished some Christmas shopping. Go Us!

Had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe - Kev had not been there before.

Picked up Lee at PALM at 5 and spent the next hour and half driving down to Mountain View. Met Foxy at Vaso Azzurro's for a lovely, but quick dinner. Stupid traffic. Enjoyed TheatreWorks' A Little Night Music It started out a bit slow, but the second act was much better. I especially enjoyed "Weekend in the Country" & of course, "Send in the Clowns".

Got home around midnight. Apartment was stuffy since windows could not be opened and it's not a good idea to leave the back door open when nobody's home *g*.

Kev tried to open living room window. Remember windows have not been opened because stupid painters have painted the windows shut.

Kev tried pushing up window. He banged the sides of the windows trying to loosen seal.

Kev tried to push window open again.
Kev pushed very hard.
Kev put palm through window.
Ah, there is now air flowing into room.
Bleed, Kev, Bleed.

Oy. Thank goodness Kev had just three small cuts on his palm.

Washed cuts out, put pressure on the bleeding one that was in the middle where all the lines (life, whatever) start. Used handy dandy alcohol swabs that I normally use for blood testing to clean out cuts. Put plain ol' band-aids on - sorry, out of snoopy ones.

Then quietly freaked out. Prayers of thanks said to guardian spirits and anybody listening that it was not worse.

Will call landlord in the morning.

I am currently wide awake.
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