Debbie (debmats) wrote,

You know you're in over your head when some of the terminology in the latest Anita book sends you over to wikipedia for explanations...

Friday, Alani was over. I was telecommuting, so she kept herself occupied with a couple of movies (Snow White, Mary Poppins), playing with the stuffed animals in the loft bed, and writing and illustrating stories. Lunch was had a Kamakura's (Alani loves udon!).

Friday night, K & I went to Wes' graduation party at Aroma's. Had a lovely chat with Lisa & Michael, Nancy, and Bob & Toni - lots about Disneyland *g* Got to congratulate Laura & Dave on their engagement!

Saturday, K & I took the kidlets to Jim's for our usual breakfast. Dropped the kids off, then K & I went to the Farmers Market. Blueberries!!!

We took the kidlets to see Toy Story 3. *sniff* *sniff*... I spent the rest of the day with the "You've Got a Friend in Me" sung by the Gipsy Kings in Spanish stuck in my head. Parental switch over, then K & I had a pho dinner at Dragon Rouge.
Tags: family, friends, kidlets, movies

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