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Dinner with Joey and More Adventures with da Kidlets

Friday night, I took trektone to Hibiscus for a belated birthday dinner. Hadn't seen him since right before Consonance, so it was good to see him and have a long chat.

I ended up drinking ice water all evening as they had no unsweetened ice tea or diet soda...

We started with the Phoulourie (split pea fritters, kumquat and parsley salad, tamarind sauce) and the Spicy Lamb & Grits. The tamarind sauce was served in a coke bottle and was spicy and very tasty. The lamb and grits - definitely comfort food - would like to try their spicy crab and grits. Would definitely get the phoulourie again.

We split the callaloo (mess of greens), fried chicken and the meat stew. I'll stick with the callaloo, but I think I'll try the salt fish and ackee next time. The habanero pepper sauce (also served in a coke bottle) was hot, but tasty too!

The chocolate cake was good, but the rum raisin bread pudding was yummy!

Saturday, K, da kidlets and I had the usual breakfast at Jim's. Dropped the kidlets home, then K & I went to the Farmers Market. Dropped K off and picked up Kyle.

He and I drove out to Pleasant Hill's Borders to seanan_mcguire's book signing. Traffic was bad, so Kyle read the first 40 pages of Julie Kagawa's Iron King.

Kyle was excited to meet his first real author =) As my first copy of FEED was falling apart, I picked up a new copy for Seanan to sign. Chain saw signature!

Kyle had been hoping to pick up Naruto 18, 19 & 20, but they didnt' have them. He picked up a new Pokemon strategy book instead.

While we were in the store, Kyle asked me what Feed was about and I gave him a brief synopsis. He started the book on the way home and his first question to me was "Does Shaun get killed?". I told him he'd have to read the book - so he borrowed the book. I did warn him that it might be more intense than what he was ready for - if he had any questions, he could ask etc. I was pretty sure he could handle the action and most of the zombie parts - not sure how'd he'd do with the conspiracy/thriller part. We'll see.

Picked up Alani and the kidlets spent the afternoon swimming (pool was actually not freezing) and watching another disc of Escaflowne. They ate all the Hawaiian bread along with string cheese. No requests for popcorn.
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