Debbie (debmats) wrote,

More Family Togetherness =)

Met up with K & G for brunch at Jim's today. Then we did a quick trip to K's doctor to drop off some forms.

Today is Mom's meinichi, so we went up to chapel and put flowers in mom & dad's niche. Also put flowers in Grandpa & Grandma's & Auntie Haru & Uncle Ruzzy's. Yellow chrysanthemums, blue irises and a red rose - pretty.

K & I met up with da kidlets after school and bought a bunch of books at the book fair. Then, I turned into the Evil Homework Monitor (tm) and made the kidlets do their homework. Alani is learning the joys of borrowing in subtraction. She and I need to have a flashcard session over the summer. Life is much easier when you can add and subtract in your head rather than count on fingers...

Kyle's homework was actually 6th grade stuff - linear equations with graphs even. UGH! I had to check his homework and my brain no longer thinks that way.

We all went to the 1st, 2nd and 5th grade music show. It was a bit overwhelming *g* Some kids really like singing in front of an audience - and some want to be anywhere but up on stage.
Tags: family

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