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Relay for Life 2010

As of close on Sunday, we had raised well over 100K!!! We'll make at least 110K by the end of the campaign - maybe even hit 120K! Thank you all very much!

Alani & I started the day with breakfast at her favorite place - Ol'MacDonalds. Pancakes - her favorite!

Got to relay around 9:30, and started camp set up. It took 4 trips to unload the car and I had parked almost 2 blocks away. Oh well. Though Alani has been to relay before, it was when she was very small, so this was all very new to her. She had a blast doing snow cones! Kyle & K showed up around 11, and Kyle proceeded to have a blast doing snow cones, along with Corinne, JP's niece. The kidlets spent a good couple of hours hawking snow cones and syrup flew all over the palce.

OOPSY, I had promised Alani that we'd go to the Pet Parade, but we missed it! BAD AUNTIE! We did get to town square and see dressed up pets (poor dog in hawaiian grass skirt even) and she did get to pet many doggies and bunnies, goats, cats, she was very disappointed that we'd missed the actual parade. Much consoling and hugs were needed. Necessity Exists.

Back to Relay. Met up with K's dear friend Annie (who had driven all the way down from Folsom) and G. Had a late lunch at Max's. Then G & kidlets headed home for parental switch. K and I walked off and on until 10ish.

The luminaria ceremony was beautiful and moving. Got Irene's name right on her luminaria finally. Said "hi" to the usual luminarias - Mom, Grandpa, other loved ones and to the new ones: in memory of mbumby's mom and in honor of greenmtnboy18's bil and in honor of K. The winds were strong all evening, so several luminarias went up in flames. oops...

Skip came by around 11 and we walked for a bit. I did my usual 1-3am walk (YES, I did walk, trektone!!!). I was really tired - both emotionally and physically. I finally put on some very bouncy music - which helped tremendously - and finished the last hour very awake *g*

Tried to sleep until 8, but perky people were up and about by 6:30. I gave up. *g*

Came home, had noodles for lunch and then slept straight through from 1pm to 1am. Yup, just a wee bit tired.
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