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Southern Faire

I was really in a weird head space that weekend, we'd just found out about K...

Thursday night before the trip down to LA, I dragged herefox out for Fondue! Yum...

Friday started out with breakfast at Jim's, then we picked up K and made it down to LA around 3ish with just two stops - one for lunch at the Iron Skillet. Dropped K off at Lorie's and then invaded ame_chan's homestead. Rainy! Sorcha! Emily! Tikki! and lots of cats =) Rainy was in a baking frenzy - muffins, cookies and pies - OH My!

Faire on Saturday. This year, as both Rainy & Em were working faire, Foxy & I got to join them as participants. Had to get costume approval (talk about being intimidated!!!). Frieda's only comment on my costume? "Like Pendragon, don't you"... Got to meet a heck of a lot of nice people in the Guild of St. Helena's. I fail at remembering majority of the names, though I might do better at faces. Unfortunately I had a dearth of spoons that weekend, so I think I was very introverted. Did much people watching. While walking through faire, somebody called out "Hello Cousin!", and I didn't figure it out until afterward that she was talking to me =) Lots of yummy things to munch at the Guild site.

Saw K & Lorie at the faire - K was a faire virgin. She enjoyed the turkey leg and some of the other munchies. The faire itself? She liked people watching. Also saw Foxy's brother too. They had a wee chat.

Waffle dinner at Rainy's - she had to go to faire early on Sunday, so there wouldn't be time for our usual brunch, so brunch for dinner! Other faire members joined in - Susan, Damen, Derek, Laura and one other person that I can see his face, but I can't remember his name. *sigh* Yakking until midnight or so.

So long and farewells, and then Sean & I met up with K, Lorie and Cy for breakfast at Carrows. Drive back home was uneventful. Dinner at Kapps
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