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More Catch Up

The check engine light came on again. Now what's wrong?

Got to try a new restaurant - Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto. herefox and I went there for Dining Out for Life. So many things looked good - decisions, decisions, decisions. I ended up with the turkey meatloaf with mashed yams. Yum. We had carrot cake and bread pudding for dessert. Sometimes, being able to adjust one's insulin allows a treat every now and then.

K's friends had extra tickets to last Friday's A's game. Baseball! FIREWORKS too! *squee*
A's vs Tampa Bay and we did sit in section 209 - too bad we weren't there at Sunday's game. A's lost, but the fireworks were lovely =) Shiny! Happy sparkles!

Cookies! herefox made a batch of oatmeal cranberry and another of oatmeal, cranberry and dark chocolate cookies for tomorrow's Relay for Life Bake Sale. Thank you, Foxy! I've made a batch of peanut butter blossoms - half with milk chocolate centers, half with dark chocolate centers. Wowwee... I've baked twice in the last 3 months! Still trying to work out the idiosyncracies of this apt's oven.

Speaking of Relay for Life, Sgt. Kathy has already raised over $4K! Every year, I keep trying to raise at least half of her total. I've got another week to raise $700 to sort of catch up *weg*. My donation page can be found at here. Thank you!

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