Debbie (debmats) wrote,

World Con Report: T Minus 1

Started the day by cleaning out Eeyore. EEEK... He actually needed a bath too, but that didn't happen.

Drove down to San Jose to pick up Steve Miller & Sharon Lee at the train station. Steve & Sharon are the two of my favorite authors - the creators of the Liaden Universe and two just really nice people. Steve does not fly, so they trained from Maine to California - 4 days in transit. Their train was an hour late, so I waited in the shade - it was only 90 something degrees - promising to get hotter. And I was going to be spending the next 5 days in this city *eewwwww* *sigh*

Anyway, the train arrived and all luggage accounted for and loaded into Eeyore's spacious trunk/back seat. Thank goodness for the van - it was definitely needed over the next few days! Steve & Sharon looked like the swimming pool and lots of air conditioning were tops on their agenda *grin* They said there were some *minor* problems with the cooling system in their sleeper car. Ick... Tried to get some information about status of new books... *g* WANT MORE. WANT IT NOW *grin*

Dropped them off at the Fairmont - with a few wrong turns. Scenic tour, ya know. I have yet to go to downtown San Jose and not encounter lots of construction. Went back home to do some final clean up and laundry. I just *love* doing laundry. Started to gather up all the books that I wanted to get signed. Oy... heavy pile.

Picked up Lee at 8:15 and headed out to Oakland airport. Mat was coming in at 8:30 and Alex was due in at 8:48. Pretty good timing. Unfortunately, I think all the flights were coming in at the same time. Between the crowds and all the blocked off areas in the parking lot due to 9/11 regulations, ended up parking in terminal two's parking lot instead of terminal 1. Mat's plane was delayed, he wouldn't get in until after 9.

Lee's description of Alex was "look for somebody dressed really comfy - kind of like pajamas". Okay *grin* - he was dressed in loose cotton pants and shirt. Yeah, pajamas, almost *weg* - carrying a basket of goodies. Red Riding Hood with a beard and without the hood? =)

Ended up eating dinner at Denny's - Lyon's had the audacity to be closed - to clean their carpets... yeah right. *g*
Tags: bower, conjose, liaden, worldcon

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