Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Low blood sugar reaction. Oh joy. Well, thin mint cookies for the win!

K & I walked up to the Park Street Spring Street Fair. There were some pretty stuff, but after Eeyore's maintenance, it was a "look only" day. Had dinner at Tomatino's - garlic rolls - yum!

Yesterday was a nonstop day. Met up with K & the kidlets for breakfast at Jim's. Then Alani & I spent the day at the San Francisco Zoo. I don't think I've been to that zoon since I was 8? 10? I have never been that close to a lion. He was sunning himself on a stone just on the other side of a glass wall. I'd have taken a picture if I not for the reflection. Alani wanted to go all over the park, so we did. The only break I got was when we rode on the carousel! Lions, tigers, and bears! I think I like Oakland's bear area much better than San Francisco's. Did not find the koalas *sniff*

Dropped Alani off and then put on my party clothes for Theatreworks' 40th Anniversary Gala. herefox and I had dinner at Vaso Azzurro - haven't eaten there is a long time. I had my usual risotto =)

There was a cocktail pre-Gala reception where they featured their martini "The Encore" and Lohr wines. Champagne was served at the Gala dessert reception. There was a raffle where if you spent x, you got 1 ticket. 2x and you got two tickets. 4x and you got as many tickets as arm length from side to side of your choice of persons. The one guy who was selling tickets? 37 tickets finger to finger length *weg* Didn't win anything.

The concert was fun. Featuring

  • Groovelily

  • music from Paul Gordon's Jane Eyre, Emma and Daddy Long Legs. Timothy Gulan sang "Emma" which made me very, very happy!

  • music from Memphis

  • music from A Little Princess and a tribute for Robert Kelley by Andrew Lippa

  • Vienna Teng - liked her a lot

  • music of Jeanine Tesori

  • Honoring Robert Kelley

  • Finale

There were many messages congratulating Theatreworks on 40 year and Robert Kelley.
Tags: kidlets, theatreworks

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