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Stupid Painters

Okay, I've put up with them rebuilding the porch and my stuff disappearing - mainly my wind chimes.

I've put up with them replacing the roof and they didn't lay down any tarp or anything, so I had all this dirt, dust, roofing particles falling down into my apartment via the vent in the living room and the attic staircase.

Oh, and I had to get my tire fixed as there was a brand new wood screw through the back passenger tire. Not like I could prove anything, but I did find debry all over the driveway.

I've put up with their washing the house and getting dirty water all over the entrance way (water squirted through mail slot. Dirt streaks up the walls too.

I've put up with the stupid saran wrap stuff plastered over my windows for two days.

Today, they broke the bedroom window. It took a bit before they even admitted it. Guy was acting sheepish and all. Just admit you did it and be done with it. They want to paint the doorway, fine, door has to stay open for 2 hours - so what happened if I had to go some place?

DO NOT come into my house. Ring the DAMN doorbell. That's what it's for. Yes, the door is open because you're painting it, but DO NOT come in. I hear somebody saying "hello, hello" and he's at the top of the stairs. Asshole.
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