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Ice Cream! Basketball!

I love walking along the beach when there's a brisk breeze and you can smell the rain in the air...

A week ago Sunday, I ended up hitting the Farmers Market for strawberries, Costco for watermelon, grapes, honey dew and canteloupe and spent the afternoon getting stuff ready for "my" fund raiser for Relay for Life.

Monday was the Ice Cream Social at work. We raised over $325! I still have a few more IOUs to collect, so it'll be closer to $350 I think.

There was enough stuff left over that team member Sandy threw another Ice Cream Social at Public Works on Friday. She raised an additional $145!!! And, because there is still at least a gallon of ice cream and a tub of nonfat yogurt or two - there will be a third Ice Cream Social at Parks & Rec! Go Team!

Shout outs to trektone, pezazul, and mbumby. Thank you!!!

Donations will be accepted here until June 30, 2010 - any amount would be appreciated!

Kidlets, K and I had breakfast at Jim's as usual on Saturday. Then we went to the annual wheelchair basketball tournament fund raiser for BORP. Children's Pedi-rehab staff was fielding a team - and we went to cheer them on. "GO CHO! GO CHO!" Last year, the team barely made a couple of baskets per game. This year? They made the finals! We had to leave before the final, so I don't know how it they did. In the past year, they also learned how not to use their legs (foul!), arms only and how to be much more aggressive in the chairs. Scary *g* Dr. Mai's shots made it half way to the hoop this year! Alani spent most of the time playing with some of the other kids and Kyle tried out the chairs and may even play next year.
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