Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Da weekend...

Thursday, herefox and I saw Theatreworks' To Kill a Mocking Bird. I enjoyed it, Foxy not so much.

There was an out of balance issue at work that needed to be fixed, so I was up until 3am figuring out what went wrong and hot to fix it. It wasn't my account, so I had to figure out some of their idiosyncrasies...

Friday, I had planned on taking Joycie out for her birthday dinner and then do something exciting like "got to Target". We can get into much trouble going up and down the aisles at Target.

Nope, she called me around 4:30 and asked "Want to go to Thunder Valley Casino? Ron will drive!!" So, they picked me up after 6pm and off we went - it's about 2 hours, but Friday nights, all bets are off.

Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We skipped most of the problem spots on 80, by going up through Walnut Creek on 680. Interesting way of going...

Stopped at the Nut Tree for a potty break and a quick look through this home goods store that Joyce really likes. I gave her her birthday present, the rhodochrosite necklace that I'd made. After I *proudly* told her I had made it and after she had put it around her neck? I heard a squeak. the round stone had the audacity to FALL OUT of the bezel and drop down into her bra. *sigh* Pride and all that. We had a good giggle. I will figure out where I went wrong.

Got up to the casino and had dinner at Austin's (steak house). Food was yummy and I actually had filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes.

Gambled until after 2am! Penny machines! I played on "Block Party" for over 2 hours. I won and I have no idea what I hit. On a $20 buy in, I had it up to over 220, but cashed out around 100. I had blast!

Joyce had very little luck. She even had an issue with security. They didn't like the $5 bill she'd been trying to use. The machine sent some sort of signal I guess after she'd tried to enter it several times. Oops.

We giggled a lot as usual.

We got home around 4am. I hadn't slept much the night before and I knew I wasn't going to get much this night as...

Saturday morning, I picked up K & Alani and we went to breakfast at 8:30am.

K's taiko group was playing at the NorCal Taiko Expo in Morgan Hill. So we dropped her off so she could meet up with her carpool. Alani & I waited for Kyle, but his sleep over was running long - they were just having breakfast at 10am. So she and I went to the chapel to wish Mom a happy birthday and run other errands.

Picked up Kyle at noon and off we went to Morgan Hill. It was very sunny. Dumb me, forgot a hat and sunscreen and concert was outside at the amplitheatre.

Was there in time to see part of the Watsonville taiko group, and a kendo/jujitsu demonstration (which was long). K's group was next. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing K play. There was one song where 4 drummers in the front, of which K was one - and they each had two solos. K really got into it. Lots of hand movements inbetween Hee!!!! Her showmanship was fantastic! Not shy at all. =)

One of the other songs had the drummers moving around from drum to drum. Cool!

Stayed for two more groups and then we had to head back. Kidlets had a great time.

Parental switch over, then K & I had dinner at India Palace. Chicken palak, seekh kebab, prawn biryani and bhindi masala!
Tags: family, friends, kidlets, taiko

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