Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Wire Bezel Cabochon class

I have an owie from today's jewelry class. Got stabbed with the end of a wire just under my thumb nail. grrrrrrrrrrr...

I learned a lot - how to frame a stone with multiple pieces of wire, bind them and make really bad curly cues (aka "hair" styles) with the left over wire. Some of the patterns were called "poodle", "emo", "shirley temple", "beehive"... My finished project - purple/blue fluorite wrapped in silver wire - had a top called "bad hair day".

I need to practice - that's about the only way to get this concept right. Trying to keep the wire wrapped around one part while fitting and fastening the wires to the opposite end? FRUSTRATING!!! But, practice will make that better. I hope. =)

I recognized one of the ladies in the class from high school. I knew who she was right off - even though I probably hadn't seen her in over 30 years. At break, she asked me why I was familiar to her - and I told her that I'd been one grade behind her in school. I think we were in club or two together - Asian Club or CSF (California Scholarship Federation). I just remembered she was very smart.
Tags: jewelry

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