Debbie (debmats) wrote,

More on Public Transportation...

After Thursday's pretty pain free adventure on Public Transportation, I decided to sign up for a TransLink card - a sort of debit card which is usable on the public transit systems. I can use it for bus fare, train fare and BART fare. Pretty nifty. So I signed up on Thursday, and the card was in my mailbox on Friday, and I used it go take the bus up to the bead class and back.

I used to take the bus all the time until I got my license. My Mom didn't drive and Dad was at work, so we took the bus everywhere. Library, doctors appt, school etc. Once I got my license, the only time I took public transportation was when the car was in the shop or going into San Francisco for the day. Mom pretty much did the bus thing until she finally got her license at age 53.

So the travel gods have been kind to me - perhaps to lull me into taking more public transportation? I haven't had to wait long for anything so far =)

I'm going to have to disable my EZRider BART card at some point. I'll still need ferry tickets until the Alameda/Oakland Ferry services joins TransLink.

ETA: EZRider program is being phased out by end of 2010 - the TransLink program will replace it.
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