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I took Wednesday off to spend the day with the kidlets. I'd asked them what they wanted to do - spring break and all.

Day started out with Kyle up and out of bed by 7:10 - his Final Fantasy fix. Alani slept in until 8:30 or so, when she opened up her eyes, saw me, smiled and wished me a very happy good morning. Breakfast at Ol'MacDonald's for a change. The kids meal toys? Dragons from How to Train Your Dragon.

Bit of shopping - I needed a new cutting board as my big one disappeared and we needed something to roll out cookies. Stop at Border's for two new Naruto books for Kyle and an American Girl book and Ginger the cat for Alani. Went to Petco so Alani could check out the animals. Poor Kyle was a patient older brother as Alani oooh'd and aah'd over mice, rats, hamsters, birds...

Went to the 1:30 showing of How to Train Your Dragon. We all loved it! Yay for Toothless! Hiccup too! Much popcorn was consumed. Sour straws too.

Sugar Cookies. Kids rolled out the dough, cut out the cookies and decorated. Killer Koalas for the win!

Dinner at Applebees.

ETA 04-18-10: Alani wanted to go swimming. It was barely 70 degrees outside, probably closer to 65. But she was DETERMINED. So, somewhere between movie and cookies, there was swimming. I stuck my feet in and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It took them a bit of screaming and laughing and sticking toes in, but they both finally jumped in and swam until they turned bluish. Then a hot shower for Kyle and Alani soaked in a Lush Apple Bomb bath =)


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