Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Adventures in Public Transportation

Made it to work by 7:40am, and that includes a stop at Noah's for a blueberry bagel with lox. Go Me!

Note to self - it's COLD standing outside waiting for the TRAIN. Wear heavier jacket.

So I made it to K's by 5:45 AM. She dropped me off at BART just after 6am. Caught the 6:11 train to SF, transferred to the Milbrae train at Balboa Park and then caught the 7:17 Caltrain to Redwood City. Arrived in RWC at 7:28.

This could work. Only the train into SF was a bit crowded. It's the getting up and out of the houise by 5:45am which would be a problem.
Tags: commute, public transportation, work

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